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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Give away Children

Firstly I would like to say and explain that this post had nothing to do with my New Year's posts. It's just something I wanted to write about.
It amazed me yesterday at work that I was offered (jokingly) two boy children instead of the money for the drinks the lady was buying for them. It amazed me further still when today at work I was again offered a boy child. What is with that?!? Is it a message to me from God or just the holidays wearing the parents out with pestering children? Whatever the case it has got me thinking about my future and how many children I think I would like to have and whether I would prefer boys or girls or both? To which my reply was...what does it matter? I love both and I think children are adorable! However, I think boys would be rather nice to have cause they are less troublesome...well actually both can be just as troublesome as the other. And really in the end I will be grateful for the children that God will eventually bless me with...and there is absolutely no way I would have an abortion! 
As to how many...again if God blesses me once, twice, or five times I don't care I will be happy no matter what cause I believe children are just perfectly wonderful!...no wonder I'm going to be a primary school teacher! 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Year's Resolution slash Challenge

So here's the deal. I figured I need a reason and an enticing reason at that to continue this blog on into the new year. I realised this for a number of reasons. 1. I don't have a lot of followers or readers which can cause a writer to start thinking that there is no real point in writing stuff like this at all. 2. I am starting to run out of ideas of things to write about... it's not that I don't have a million thoughts running through my head it's just I don't think I have interesting or worthwhile things to write about out of those thoughts. So I have struck upon an idea (with the help of my wonderful boyfriend) to start up my New Year's Resolution a week beforehand and to write about it. My new year's resolution is more like doing a challenge from week to week rather than giving something up or doing something more. See I'll come up with a challenge that I have to complete within the week or continue it throughout the week and to write about it and share it with you my dear readers. For example, (in case you still don't understand) my first challenge will be to not be negative about the LAN party my boyfriend is going to for a whole week. I'll explain more about this later but right now I have to go get some shut eye because my birthday is tomorrow and I'm working. So Goodnight!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Joy To The World...

Well here it is the week had finally arrived. Christmas celebrations are about to hit me and I'm working for most of it and missing my boyfriend terribly. But what's this? I still manage to have a smile on my face!? Why do I have that you may ask when everything seems to be set on ruining my Christmas this year? Even me slicing my finger on mum's self bought Christmas present (A fancy schmancy slicer/grater thing) the day she bought it hasn't brought me down that much. Albeit I am a little sad but I will never let all this get to me fully so that my Christmas is ruined entirely because this is JESUS' birthday. The time when we celebrate the day that God sent his one and only Son to this earth to save us all from our sins!
Well I'm here sitting at this computer trying to think up something really clever to write about but that pretty much was it. That God loves us so much that He sent His one and only Son to us to die for our sins. But when you think about it that is a pretty significant thing to proclaim in this humble blog. God didn't just send his Son to save those who were good and thought themselves perfect. He sent Him so that EVERYONE can be saved and be welcomed into His family! And when you think about all the horrible things you have done you too will see (as have I) how wonderful this message is. So I pray that you dear reader this Christmas will endeavour to find peace with God. Go to a church service and hear God's message of love and accept it personally as a direct message from God alone!
I hope you have enjoyed hearing my thoughts on what I think are the important aspects of Christmas are and I hope you have a blessed Christmas! Peace on Earth, Good will among men!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We Wish You A Merry Christmas..

OH MY GOSH!!!! I just looked at my schedule for writing these blog posts. I have only this one and the last post to write!!!!!!!! and that means.....DRUM ROLL PLEASE! it's so close to Christmas! Yay!
So on to the topic. The family times!
let's get together yeah yeah yeah
we can have lots of fuuunn!...
ahem sorry. That was the first song that popped into my head when I mentioned family. (btw if I start reciting lyrics again just keep in mind that I'm in a musical mood...for the entire month of December....actually no I'm usually in a musical mood...well just keep that in mind)
anyways! This week I found out that my family's Christmas is going to slightly be different in how we go about our celebrating. Instead of just having our usual Christmas eve dinner together we are going to my Uncle's and Aunty's for dinner and then coming home and opening our presents. I'm looking forward to this muchly! It means I get to spend more time with my cousins who I'm slowly seeing less and less of...which makes me sad cause I grew up with them.
I suppose I should come to some point of why I included family times in the list. That was because I think that if you spent Christmas alone it would not and can not be the most happiest time of the year. Celebrating requires at least two people!!!! (well according to me it does) Whether it is your biological or your Christian family I hope and pray that you have someone you can celebrate Jesus' birth with!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Unto us a Child was born...

Every year that I have been alive I have received presents at Christmas. But only about half of those have I realised what it means to give presents at Christmas time and what really Christmas is all about. Yes yes I realise that I am probably going over something I have mentioned in my earlier posts but this message is REALLY REALLY important!!!! God sent his Son...the first Christmas present if you like :) for us to be saved from our sins. And we celebrate this birth as our saviour coming. The reason....well the reason I see for us giving each other presents is to spread and show our love for one another as God showed His love for us in sending His  Son.
This year my family (by my prompting) we have had a jar where we place our spare change. And about two weeks ago we counted it all up and then sent the money off to buy Christmas presents for people in Third world countries. This is the first time we have done this and I hope it's the first of many. I love to think that we have contributed to someone's happiness and shared with them the Love of God through our simple gifts we give them.
My family's deal this year for Christmas present giving was that we could only buy our presents from Op shops and had to be under $10 for each person. This I saw as a challenge but also another way of showing our love for God by giving our money to charities. I have succeeded in finding wonderful gifts for my family members.
So as you see presents aren't just about receiving (I know I know this is a bit cliche but it's true) it's about giving and showing God's love to each other. It's also not about how much you spend.
Merry Christmas! God loves you!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Here we come a Wassailing...

Christmas is renowned in my family for the huge meals we prepare and eat. Every Christmas I have found myself feeling like the stuffed turkey or chicken cause of the mountains of food I eat. And of course there is a downside to all the yumminess that I get to eat...the dreaded extra Christmas weight. I'm still trying to lose last year's! But have no fear Maija. You have promised yourself that you will try smaller portions of everything and not have seconds! How hard can it be? I'll tell you...REALLY HARD! My mum (and if I do say so... myself) and my sister prepare the most delicious Christmas food. My favourite Christmas dessert has to be Plum pudding. It's a classic recipe that is fabulous! But seriously the food is to die for! And I love it!
But sadly I need to watch my weight this year or else I'll be buying a new wardrobe next year (woo Boxing day sales...not!) so I must be persistent in my efforts to not eat so much of the wonderful meals we have at Christmas. 
As for the actual meals I will now explain how my family decide on what we have for Christmas dinner. I believe I explained what happens on each of the days. So as for this post I will only go into detail of the Christmas eve dinner that my family have. We start off with snacks that include (and always do include) nuts and dried fruit, licorice all-sorts, lollies of some sort, chips and chocolate. Then we proceed to the actual dinner where we will would have been slaving over all day. It tends to be either of two meals. It's either the cold meal or the hot. I like either but I think my favourite is the hot meal but the cold meal I remember more from my childhood. The cold meal tends to be for the years that we have a particularly hot summer and it consists of cold meats, fruits (especially oranges and plums), salad of some sort and beetroot! The hot meal is a roast of any meat we decide me want except for pork. Then we have an array of roast veggies. 
The meal is always accompanied with wine for the adults and ginger beer for the under age. 
After the main meal we have a time to let the food settle and during which we would read the Christmas passage and sing some songs. After which we have dessert which tends to change each year but most often it is the plum pudding which these last few years I myself have made. 
Out of all the Christmas meals I have over the Christmas period this is my favourite because it has a speciality to it because it is a tradition within my family. I would hate to see it change but that is something that always happens even when we are unwilling for it to do so. We grow up and go our separate ways and start our own families. But Christmas meals will always stay special and unique because it is not quite like a Birthday meal (although it should be) but it is better because it is the ultimate birthday party!
(NB the song that titles this post actually mentions a Christmas meal in the fifth verse)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hark the Herald Angels Sing...

So this is meant to be a cheerful bright happy post about the decorations we all put up at Christmas time...however I do not feel the Christmas cheer too much as I write this. This is due to the fact that my 'true love' is far away now. Thank the Lord for creating the person and blessing them with the idea of Facebook and chat messaging! I'm talking to him now as I write this... so it's not all that bad and I'm cheering up.
So onto the actual topic shall we?
Christmas decorations come in all shapes and sizes and colours. I do not remember what my favourite decoration from my childhood but I do know now that my favourite decorations include any beautifully crafted decoration of angels. I think the reason I love these so much is because they were the messengers of the Good news that Jesus was born. If I could be an angel I reckon I would always be singing the Good News that God has....cause I love singing!
I wish I had pictures to show you my collection of Christmas angels but I don't.
no wait.
maybe I do.
nope sorry I don't :(
I know I do have them somewhere just not on this computer apparently.
Well the other thing I wanted to mention about Christmas decorations was that it is one of my favourite parts of Christmas (hence it being on the list for me to write about it). I have fond memories of my family pulling out the old favourites; bought and hand-made to place delicately on the Christmas tree.
If you haven't ever looked into the meaning behind the first Christmas decorations I think you should by looking at this. It's fascinating how I sometimes find the Christmas decorations just that. Decorations. nothing more. nothing less. But when I actually look at what they are and what they symbolise I find myself mesmerised by the deep and powerful message they share. Majority of the them will lead to the true meaning of Christmas. Which I will assume everyone knows what it is. But in case you are new to this world (ahhh there's an alien reading my blog!!!! lol) or just haven't heard it before I will elucidate the true meaning of Christmas. Primarily, it is about a baby being born...but not just any ordinary baby. It is the Son of God. A child that had been long awaited for to come and save all human beings. And it turns out that He was sent to Earth not for the reason that us Earthly beings would assume...yes people!..God is so focussed on saving you from other humans. pfft no! (well ok He is but there is something more important than that) He wants to save you (personally) from the sins you have committed and the ones you will commit. He wants to save you from eternal damnation so you can rejoice with Him and be with Him for all eternity in Heaven. And that is what I love to remember at Christmas time cause I know that it all starts with new life and a new beginning. Being able to know that God has come to Earth and understands our pain...however minuscule it can be He loves us enough to go through it all and save us for all eternity.
Wow. this post got deep but that's the only way it should be...when you talk about Christmas. Well I hope and pray that this post will yet again (like my like minded posts previously did) remind you of the true meaning of Christmas and prompt you to seriously think and celebrate the reason for the season...sorry for the cliche saying. God Bless you all my wonderful readers!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Away in a manger, no crib for a bed...

As soon as you hear it something mystical and holy fills the air as you start to dream about all the special parts of Christmas. It is a novelty for children and families. You find yourself doing things that you normally wouldn't do during the year. Like carolling. Simply put you are singing songs out loud amongst other people. These songs are so well known majority of people know all the words to them...and not just one but at least 20 different carols. That's a lot of songs to know all the words to. Why do we know them so well? Why do we sing these songs? It is because it a special reason to celebrate and sing about and it is all the novelty about Christmas...singing. There are other parts that you wouldn't normally do. Like putting up the Christmas tree. I'm willing to be wrong so please inform me if there is another event but I'm pretty sure that there is only one event in the calendar that requires putting up a tree and decorating it. And that's Christmas.
Another part is the Santa part. I have to inform you here that I have never been brought to believe that Santa is real so he never has been a central part of Christmas. But still Santa too has a part in Christmas. He is the bringer of joy to many children. But there is One greater who brings wonderful joy and happiness for eternity and that is our Father in Heaven and His One and Only Son, Jesus.
As the day starts drawing nearer and nearer I would like to ask you to remember once again who and what the real meaning of Christmas is and why it is such a novelty to celebrate it.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Oh Bring Us some Figgy Pudding...

Ok so that's the best I could come up with in regards to food in a Christmas Carol. And I'll be honest and say I don't know what Figgy Pudding tastes like but I think it is pudding made out of figs...which I don't like.
Christmas food again is unique and special and most of which you wouldn't have during the year. But one of the most used Christmas recipes used in my family is my Great Grandma's Animal Biscuit recipe (we all just call it Grandma's Animal Biscuits). I'm sad to say however that I never ate one of my Great Grandma's biscuits...but I'm told that no one has ever made them the same and that they were absolutely the best! I would like to share this well-loved recipe with you. So here it is:

Grandma's Animal Biscuits


3 eggs
1 cup sugar
1 cup Golden Syrup
1/2 teaspoon ginger
1 teaspoon Bicarb soda
enough S.R flour (this is what my Nana wrote but my mum puts in 4 to 6 cups)


Mix eggs, sugar and syrup together. Then add soda and ginger together with enough flour to make stiff dough. (In between mixing and rolling my family puts the dough in the fridge in a bowl to stiffen it some more. try what you think works best!) Roll out, cut into shapes and bake in a hot oven. Once the biscuits are cooled ice the biscuits and cover with either coconut or sprinkles.

So that is the recipe and I love making them at Christmas time cause that is what I have done since I was a child old enough to help in the kitchen! If you are looking for a new recipe to try, try this one cause it is fun cutting and decorating the biscuits.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Round yon Virgin Mother and Child...

"Memories of Christmas...ahhhh what are some of my favourite memories?" I ask my self as I sit here NOT listening to Christmas carols like I would have hoped to do so now. I'm sorry this is a week late but I promise that I will have two posts this week! So onto the topic... I much love going over the fond memories of Christmases past. I have this poem I found (honestly I went and looked for one just now to put in here) and I love it cause it talks about what a child sees and knows when Christmas is coming near.

Visions Past
~ written by Roger J. Robicheau 

The Christmas tree was real
That heavy tinsel, special feel

So many lights, in sparkling view
Glass ornaments, hung neatly too

An angel perched, atop it all
Seen shining down, it did not fall

The tree was watered in its stand
It's special smell, came on so grand

Nativity, was always perched
In middle window, all would search

Side windows dressed with candlelight
I'd check the view, from sidewalk sight

All was right, this child felt sure
That special time, lived in his door

I thank you God, for visions past
Which come alive, to hold and grasp

To be honest I think that most children remember the present unwrapping time and the food...well that's what I always remember about Christmas...but even then I realised that Christmas is not just an ordinary holiday like Australia Day it is special and unique! And I think one of the reasons why I love Christmas so much is because it is special and I have many great memories involving Christmas. So I would love it, my dear readers if you would join with me and reminisce the Christmases past. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells...

Christmas is in the air and on my music player! Yep that's right it's that time of the year again when you pull out those Christmas CD's and start listening to them. Well ok I only just listened to one song this morning on my computer music player (White Christmas).
Anyways, when I think about Christmas it is always closely linked to one of my favourite things in the world... MUSIC! I love singing the Christmas Carols cause they are so different to any other type of music. Perhaps cause it is for celebrating a special season for a special reason. I don't know. But I have always loved the Christmas Carols! My favourite carol is Oh Holy Night because it is so beautiful. But really I love all of them.
Music is a wonderful way to express yourself, carols express many different feelings; from loneliness to joyfulness. But I ask you: how often have you found yourself singing a carol and realising that you actually haven't thought about what you are singing. I do this often and it is then when I stop to think and really listen to the poetic and romantic lyrics that I see how wonderful Christmas carols are and how they are the special way we can express our thanksgiving to God for sending His one and only Son to this earth to save us from our sins!
So this Christmas I ask you to simply stop and listen to the carols you sing and remember what it is you are celebrating!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jack Frost nipping at your nose...

ok so that was the closest I could find to reference to the smell of Christmas in a carol...lol a reference about noses!
Well I suppose you are all kind of thinking I'm weird to be talking about the smell of Christmas...but seriously think about it! Our sense of smell is one of our primary senses and I think you all have a memory scent or two that link to Christmas. Such as the smell of Summer on the way (there is no other way for me to explain this sorry) and Jacaranda trees blooming (I love this smell, cause it also tells me school is nearly finished!) tell me that Christmas is coming...and this comes in October! That is why I am always getting excited about Christmas so early on in the year.
There are other smells just as important that link my thoughts to what Christmas is about and like. Such as the smell of Christmas wrapping paper...and not just any wrapping paper...it's that old style stuff not the new stuff! Then there is the smell of baking and cooking where you cook those good old family favourite recipes that you have used each year when preparing for Christmas!
I love it when one of these scents surprises me and instantly I think about Christmas and smile!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'm dreaming of a...hmm

...well that doesn't work... I realised that in Australia we don't particularly have a white Christmases...so I don't know what to call it...but yeah I suppose I could still dream of a White Christmas...it's just that I won't get it. So I suppose you are wondering why I'm even thinking about Christmas at this time of the year...well my dear readers I would like to inform you of one fact that you may or may not have picked up already...I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!
I have decided that starting from next week there are ten weeks until Christmas (including the week of) so I will be writing one post a week. Each post will describe and explain one of the ten reasons I love Christmas. Therefore the following list ensues:
Reasons I love Christmas:
1. Celebrating the birthday of my Saviour
2. The family times
3. The presents
4. The meals
5.  The decorations
6. The novelty of it all
7. The cooking and baking
8. The memories
9.The music
10. The smell

Ok so that list is in order of: 1. importance and 2. what I start with when I think and prepare and celebrate Christmas...so I will start from number ten as the list is fairly much in order (starting with ten). But firstly I will give a little background info on how my family's Christmases tend to run.
December 23rd - My birthday and baking and cooking prep day
December 24th -
Morning - more cooking and prep
Evening - my immediate family's dinner and opening of presents evening
December 25th - Christmas morning church service and then go to my dad's side of the family (we follow the alphabet and pick a country that starts with that year's letter and eat food that that country would eat at Christmas time)
December 26th - My mum's side of the family bring left overs from our Christmases and have a picnic somewhere...it's very relaxing.

That's fairly much how my Christmases go but every year is different and full of memories. So next week I will be posting about the smell of Christmas.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Crunch Time...

So as I'm in my last week of my education uni courses I have two huge assignments due on Friday and I've only barely started them. hmmm time to stop singing those songs and dancing about and to really do some serious work.
yeah ok I'll have a break for the moment so I can let my wonderful (but few) followers in on what my thoughts have been lately. Well for some reason a lot of different songs have been going through my mind. You know how you get those songs stuck in your head. Well I heard once that the songs that come to you out of the blue and get stuck in your head are sub-conscious messages to you through the lyrics. So let's have a look at the songs I've been having to see what I'm trying to tell myself. 
This afternoon I had Big Spender on my mind...now this one I'm stumped on but the others I think I get the idea as to what they are saying. Like I had l-o-v-e by Nat King Cole in my head on the way home...and I generally assumed that that song was in reference to me being in love and thinking about tomorrow (being Nathan and my three month anniversary). I have also had other songs that generally come from musicals...and these I assume are meaning that I love musicals! 
But on a more serious note..on the weekend I had Go and Sin No More by Rebecca St. James in my head which is not unusual when I'm in the state of mind that I was in on the weekend. The bridge/chorus is the main part that I love to sing to myself as it says:
 I've sinned come on my knees how could You die for me
You search my heart know my thoughts
See me inside and out and all throughout me
You alone can forgive me
You always pick me up like a child in Your arms
I could stay with You forever here
This song speaks to me comfort and it has done this every time that I have felt down because the line that says 'You always pick me up like a child in Your arms' just says to me that everything is alright because God is there for me and can pick me up again. 
And now I find myself hoping and praying that God will come to my side and cheer me on to continue and complete my assignments because it will lead me one step closer to what He wants in my life. 

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Educational Point of View: Single Sex Classes in Co-educational schools

Ok because I can't talk about this in my uni assignment which is a debate on Single Sex Schools versus Co-ed Schools I decided I would blog about it! By the way I'm on the affirmative for the debate, meaning Single Sex Schools create better learning environments. Anyways as my debate team were discussing and preparing I came up with another of my points of view on education and this would most likely be my second option for my children when deciding on how I would give them their education (first was home schooling see earlier post about this). I believe that having single sex CLASSES in a co-educational school, this means that all the students in a class would be of one gender but can mix with the opposite sex during breaks and other across the broad gatherings. This provides the students with a learning environment that caters specifically to how their gender learns and without the feeling of having to impress or be embarrassed in front of the opposite sex. And then when they aren't in class they have the opportunity to learn how to socialise and interact with the opposite sex.
Actually the more that I think about this I think I like this more than home schooling cause it means that I would be able to have paid work and have the knowledge my children are receiving an education catered to their individual needs...well most of them anyway.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Learner Drivers are safe drivers!

Today I did lots of driving and being a learner I realised once again how other more experienced drivers see us learners...slow. :( I was driving up to Noosa and along the way an impatient driver in a green jeep overtook me and then as he drove ahead gave me the finger. This frustrated me because:
1. They were once drivers too...so they should know that when learning you shouldn't be going super fast
2. I'm almost finished my hours so therefore I'm not incompetent in driving and know what I'm doing. Why do drivers always stereotype learners to be always slow...what if it was a learner who was about to go for their licence the next day or even that day?
3. I was not going extremely slow...I was only 10 km/h under the speed limit which leads me to point 4.
4. Going under the speed limit is safe...if he wants to die go ahead and over take me and drive heaps fast...at least I know I'm not taking a risk with my life and those who are in the car I'm driving and I'm not the one who is going to get the speeding ticket!
I understand that people sometimes are impatient and want to be somewhere in a hurry but you won't get there if you break the road rules and an accident happen...which really isn't an accident if you could prevent it by obeying those rules! And I know some of my friends would probably hate to meet me on the road but once again I believe that safety is key!
So take that Mr. Green-Jeep-Driver!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Camping Spots

Today I went with my family on a mini road trip to visit a camping ground to see if it would be worthy of us going there sometime to (what do you think?)...camp! It's a huge camping place and the way my family carried on it was almost like we were selecting a new place to live! I love camping and all but I think my family over did it today by going to the camping grounds before the actual time that we would go camping...I mean we don't even know if we will go camping there!
But really I did enjoy going...I just can't believe the extent my family, namely my parents, will go to to find the perfect camping spot. It made me wonder whether it was just my family who did things like this or were there other people that did it too?
I think the only problem I have with camping is that the bathrooms are always so far away from where I am actually camping. The ideal spot that we concluded today for our family was about half a kilometre away from the closest showers and about a hundred metres away from the closest toilets. In fact the camping ground managers suggested on the map that the people who camped in that area (the area we liked) to DRIVE  to the showers on the other side of the camping grounds instead of the other showers that were closer for the sake of equality amongst the campers staying there! Sure it probably would be quicker to drive there but really? all the way across the other side to shower...no way! Besides I believe that the use of the car other than to drive to and from the camping grounds is a waste of fuel! Anyways I love camping and in answer to my parents question of which camping grounds I would like to go to in the Christmas holidays I say, " I don't mind as long as I'm camping!"

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I love gardens and enjoying God's beauty in nature around me but mention weeding to me and you won't see me jumping for joy over the possible prospect of having the opportunity to pull out meaningless little plants. (giggles to self at the over-use of big words...that's what you get for giving me Pride and Prejudice, Nathan!)
Today I was asked...no more commanded... by my parents to help them in the vegetable garden to do a spot of weeding. Now I went and did it because I'm an obedient daughter but I did not thoroughly enjoy it, however I did enjoy the time I had to think to myself (a dangerous task I know). So while I sat weeding out the beetroot and rocket bed (why did dad plant something as disgusting as rocket with my delicious beetroot????) I thought to myself about many wondrous things...and I realised I have not been myself for awhile and I discovered that this was because I have not had the time to think...really think... about what I am doing in life and what everything means (oh great thought!). And I came to the conclusion that this blog of mine (yes spellcheck blog is a word and so is spellcheck!) has wandered off the path of the original blog topic (my thoughts). For instance I realised that when I'm writing about things it's never really my thoughts written down it's more of a diary of all the things I have done. So I proclaim from this day that I will redirect future posts to be mainly on my thoughts on things.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Creating a better mood

So I woke up today feeling just as unwell as I felt yesterday. Diagnosis is that my asthma is playing up. But because I hardly slept last night I woke up out of sorts and a little grumpy. So I decided that my day had started off badly...so badly I cried and went straight back to bed after I was wished well by several people on facebook. Now four hours later since I first woke up today I am feeling better mood wise...still sick though. And I thought I would write down for future reference the things that made me feel just a little better:
1. Talk to God
2. talk to my boyfriend and my friends
3. more sleep
4. reading Pride and Prejudice (especially the part where Jane is unwell at Netherfield)
5. Listening to 'old' style music eg. Glen Miller or Michael Buble
6. Have a hot chocolate extra strong
7. Eat an apple in some way...this morning I peeled, cut and ate it with my cereal
8. Tidying my room...this always makes me feel better...suppose it's cause it gives me a sense of control when I don't have any over my immune system.
9. take some medication of some sort!
10. Have a cry just because you feel like it.

I'm sure there are more but these are the ones that have helped me today.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Stay away from Jazz and Liquor...

...and the men who...play for fun...
oh sorry that's right I'm meant to be writing a post...got carried away there with the song.(Both Reached for the Gun - Chicago)
Anyways the reason that I'm thinking of that song is because I want to give you all a bit of advice from yours truly! Which is to stay away from Bicardi. 
Reasons for this are:
1. it is alcohol
2. it causes undesirable effects (eg. sore throat and a cough)
3. it tastes horrible like chemicals!
I really have no idea why someone would make, sell and drink the stuff!
I would much rather drink a nice Midori Splice or a white wine. And another word of caution from me is that it would be advisable to only drink maximum of two drinks. Anymore than that can become too much. Of course don't listen to any of this if you are not me! Because we all know we have different tastes. 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Hey look a duck!" and Naked Mole-rats

So I went camping these past few days and I decided I would share my experiences with all you fine people who actually read my blog!
My family and I and another family all tripped up for a whole hour to a little town called Imbil. The camping grounds were beside a water body (unknown as to what this water body would be called) where we discovered platypus played and turtles twirled (? lol needed to chuck in an alliteration there). It was a wonderful place to relax and to be smoked out by your campfire. I very much liked the trip up where it was my sister and I travelling up by ourselves. And while we drove we played a spotting game that involved spotting five different things and when one was spotted, depending on the thing spotted you had to call out it's relative word. The five things were:
Yellow cars - Spotto
Hitchhikers - Herring
Outsiders to QLD - Kadanga
Campers - Trippy
Dogs - Zipdog

Unfortunately and quizzically my sister won...how I don't know because I reckon she should have been paying more attention to driving and instead of playing the game.
When we arrived at the camping grounds there was the usual practice of setting up camping including the usual silly family arguments about how to put a tent (this mainly was me and my brother getting annoyed).
Then there was the fun opportunity to create the kitchen/dining area to appear to have some sort of order and homeliness to it. I liked that part...it involved eating at the same time!
My sister created the fireplace in which she dug a hole in which she would stand in it and the ground level was at her knees. It was a grand fireplace for most of the weekend too except the smoke would always blow in my direction... or at least in someone's. My dad said that it was because the wind blows in the direction of the beautiful...my reaction to this was that yes maybe but if it's all the same I would rather be the ugly person so that I wouldn't have to deal with the smoke!
So I suppose before I finish this post that I had mention why the title to this post is that.
The first part: 'Hey look a duck!' is in reference to my family continually saying that...but I never saw this duck until late in the afternoon. And from then on I and everyone would always say 'hey look a duck' when we saw this one duck that lived on the water.
by the way there was only one duck...
anyways the second part is in reference to a game we played around the campfire. We each had to come up with an animal starting with each letter of the alphabet in turn. And when we got to N someone said Naked Mole rat and we all laughed cause if Kim Possible taught us anything it was that there is such an animal as a naked mole rat!
lol anyways that was some highlights to my camping weekend. I could keep going but admit to yourself that you would really like me to just shut up right about now. :P

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Failing to become a Teacher...oh dear

I read a blog/article today about how if students are failing school then why on earth are the teachers and the education system allowing these students to continue without consequence. I suppose this is my second post on why I'm becoming a teacher and one relating to education. But I don't see this a problem do you? Considering that my whole career is going to be founded on education I do believe that there will be plenty of posts in the future about such things. Anyways moving on...I do believe that if students are not achieving the standards then they should be either brought back to learn it or allowed to leave school (But hopefully the teachers will be more successful at teaching their students so this will not happen). I think it is strange to see university students who say they are terrible at spelling or maths. I'll admit I'm not a complete expert but at least I can do both of those without failing miserably! And why on earth would a person who failed at a certain subject want to become a teacher in that specific area? I'm not having a go at anyone in particular jsut in general asking the question. I know quite a few people; and some of them are my closest friends (including my boyfriend), who are becoming teachers. This includes me of course! And as far as I know we all passed our subjects in school. So why in the world are there people who are failing their university courses? Anyways that's all from me! Hope you have a great week and if you are on holidays have a fantastic break from study and work!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Family Do's and Cake!

So today my Mum's side of the family celebrated my Mummu's (this is my Finnish grandma) 80th Birthday! Once again we all headed for a picnic place and set up camp for half of the day. Seriously we went to Chamber's Island (a small island in the middle of the Marrochy River) and we took up most of the open area. But that's my family...a very large family that I love and I feel loved in and I fit in...it's sorta my niche. So anyways I just thought I would say a few words about the family do's we have and the cake. There always seems to be alot of planning involved when it comes to these events. Since there are so many families (grandparents had 8 children...not all come though) and all those families have at least two children...largest has 7. Anyways I love my family and these events cause it makes me feel blessed to have so many relatives and the fact that I know we are so close compared to other families. My childhood is filled with parties and get togethers. And each time we get together there is always CAKE! and not any old cake! It's a special cake...a cake that only my family make. And if you want to taste it or see one you will just have to come along to one of our families do's! :P

Thursday, September 9, 2010


OK so let me know if you have ever had something similar to this:
Had to submit an assignment online. You think you submit it on time (perhaps even early!) and then a week later you have to do the same process for another assignment for another course. Then you realise that on the page to submit the assignment there is no button to actually attach the file only the browse button. Then you start freaking out cause you remember that it was the same for the previous assignment. And you start thinking that your last assignment did not even send and now it is a week late!
Ever had that? well I know I haven't...NO NOT AT ALL!
NB sarcasm was used in the last sentence!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Yep that's right I have some thoughts on make up...duh I'm a girl! If you are one of my close friends you will know that I do not wear makeup. seldomly do I wear it. The count of how many times I have had my face covered in the stuff would be somewhere around the ten mark. And most of those times it was either becuase I had to (musical) or because I was dressing up (weddings and formal).
My thoughts are along the lines of that makeup is annoying! You have to spend so much time putting it on, and then when you are out wearing it you are constantly worried that it looks ok and then later you spend even more times taking it off! I mean I'm not that ungirly that I will not ever wear it. But most of the time if I want to look nice I will put on some lippy and maybe if I feel like looking extra nice I'll put some eyeshadow on. But really why would you want to cover up a perfectly good face? I like my skin...yes it sometimes has those ugly pimples but it still looks fairly good (and I'm not being vain...just I've had people compliment me) :P anyways I also believe that the more you wear make up the worse your skin gets...meaning more pimples...that's why those girls who keep complaining they have so many pimples and keep covering them up with foundation get more pimples... it's an endless cycle! Anyways that's my thoughts on make up. Next post on something else not so random.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Iced Tea and Memory Diary

So I remembered I promised to write a post on my memory diary...the diary I kept while I was in Year 12. But I also wanted to write a short note today about iced tea...just a random topic that I have a few thoughts on.
So which one shall I write about first?...hmmm methinks the diary...just wait a moment while I go find it.....................................................................................................................................................
found it! wow I forgot how heavy, thick and big it is! I'll put a photo in for my visual learner friends :D
So the idea of a memory diary is that you keep it for however long you want...I kept mine for the entire year of 2008 (my graduation year) and just put stuff in it that would remind you of the awesome times you had or get your friends and family to write a message to you or put photos in it or really make it anything you want. I put pretty much all of those things in it. It even went to Fiji with me and I got everyone on the mission trip team to write in it. I have cards from my 18th. random drawings by friends, drawn during classes when we were bored.
I'm thinking I will start another one for my uni graduating year...so 2013? I recommend doing one...mostly suggest this to girls as boys tend to lose something like this and really don't care about memories and mushy stuff like this. I plan on now and again looking at it when I'm feeling reminiscent. hmmm so the photos aren't uploading so I'll just have to try another day to upload them to show you all what my diary looks like.

So the other topic of this post was iced tea! I've been starting to like iced tea a little more and I blame this all on one of my best friends, BB! She let me have a sip of her Lipton Iced Green Tea Mango flavour once and ever since then I kind of like it. But knowing me and my hestitance to try new things I haven't had much courage to try any other flavours of iced tea until today when I steamed a tea bag (raspberry and peach flavour) and chilled it and tried that! It actually isn't that bad. Random fact: Iced tea is a rather old beverage, as is tea in general and it seems that iced tea (with Lipton bringing it out commercially) is coming back in fashion in the beverage world. So it's kind of socially cool to drink it :P But that isn't the reason I drink it I drink it so I can still drink tea on really hot days! :D Anyways sorry I couldn't get the photos up...I even had one of my iced tea that I made! I promise I will try again soon.
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Submission to which side? Good or Bad?

hehehehe that title makes me think of a joke from my bible study group: Darth Vadar holding a plate of cookies and saying, "Come to the dark side... we have cookies!"

Anyways back on topic! Which was the inner turmoil (love that word...lol) we as humans have between what the right thing to do (and may be something we don't want to do) and what the wrong thing to do (the thing you kinda want to do). Yesterday I felt like skipping my lecture (mind you I had good reasons why I wanted to...it was at 6pm! and I had just had a wonderful day and didn't want to finish it by doing work!). Now I know that if I had skipped it would not have affected my grades cause it's not like the lecturer keeps a record of who comes or not. But I knew that for me my standards and beliefs on what is right is to attend as many lectures and tutorials as I can. No matter what happens...only acceptable reasons in my eyes is 1. I'm stricken to bed due to illness and 2. I'm flooded in. So in the end I decided to go, this does not mean I enjoyed it but I know I did the right thing by myself.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dear Diary: A reminisce of my teenage years

Ok so I have decided for today's topic I would give you a sneek peek into my old diaries. I have had about four diaries. It is sad to say that I no longer keep writing in my diaries...apart from now and then when I feel like I must write something down before I forget an event. So how about we start with one of my first diary entries?


Dear Sha-nay, (I don't know why I named my first diary this but I did)

Today I washed up without being told. And cooked Jam Drops. Yumm! I try to be kind to everyone.

oook! I never reread this until this year and I showed it to mum and she said to keep this diary because then I can look back at it and laugh one day...well guess what mum!? Today's the day...I'm laughing at myself! So shall we continue? Let's see what an entry looks like when I'm a bit older...haha found one a year later from the last one!


Dear Diary, (so I moved on to the classic beginning to all or at least most diaries)

Today is Sunday and we went to Anna's B'day party. Anna is a little cousin. She turned three.

So I still haven't gotten to the stage of writing huge entries but it's getting there...trust me...I end up having three A4 page entries eventually...probably won't be putting those in here though...you might get bored! Ok so here is another one a year later:

27/10/04 Wednesday

(so apparently I've skipped all introductions and I get straight to the point)

I'm depressed with too much homework. I have two assignments due next week. Too much Maths that I don't understand. Arts assignment due next week. Oh how will I fit it all in with tomorrow night being senior presentation night! Friday- youth and basically everyday is full. Oh well. I will get it done sometime!

LOL! If only I realised how much harder it was going to get! I said that everyday was full back then?...my life now is full! and it's even harder work and I have a job! So I am now looking for an entry for 2005...oh oh my 9th year at school! That was also the year my older sister graduated!


Today I told Mr. T. (this was my family group teacher) because Georgie had left we only had one Middle School Council Rep. (me). So Mr. T. asked if anyone wanted to be my partner. Brayden put his hand up. So now he is the other rep and my partner. Also today I was put into Core Maths! I was really meant to be in Extension but now I'm in Core. boo hoo! It's okay but I would prefer Extension.

LOL...so I suppose I should let you know that I have cut out parts. anyways I can see that my entries are getting longer and longer but I still have a few more years to go. So onto 2006..my favourite year at school...don't know why just was.


It has been so long! But it seems like time has flown by so fast! I have just read some of my previous entries and can't believe how much I obsessed over...! (the ...'s are where a name was, names I don't wish to disclose) Well now I have decided not to have a boyfriend until I have finished school. ...sometime[s] I just wish I could have a boyfriend still. Like now I like ... and Marlee thinks we are getting a bit cosy and would make a good couple. I don't know, I guess I would just like to be good friends...(it keeps going on about other stuff I also don't wish to disclose)

So that was year 10. I thought it was interesting that I put this one in here because this was a major turning point in my teenage years. I actually kept to this decision to not have a boyfriend until I graduated. So on to year 11!


This week has been like my singing week like almost everyday I find myself singing a different song. Most of them being about love, is beside the point! Ok catch up... I forgot to mention in my last entry that a guy from my school who is in Yr 12 also went and I now really like him too, as well as ... I think I am starting to like him more than ... Probably cause I spend more time with ... However, I have a feeling my thoughts and feelings for him will become disappointed like it did one other time with someone else.

Ok so I still was a regular female teen who liked boys...even though I didn't want a boyfriend. LOL I just love the first part and how I put 'like' in front of things. I actually like talked like that! lol sorry....anyways moving on! Oh wow I just found out I didn't write anything at all for 2008 oh that's right I had a memory diary for my graduating year...will have to blog about that next then!...so I guess we will skip to 2009! yay!


I was on CLW last week. It was great to meet new people and not have the huge stress of being the person you usually are around people you know. I didn't find the study very stimulating but I know that I was there to help some of the kids...

haha oops not meant to call them that...but I wasn't studying teaching then now was I?! lol anyways I think it's interesting to point out that what I meant about being different to normal was just that I could be who I really am instead of what people think I am. anyways moving on to my last year of being a teen...so sad...


When it comes down to it all I have FINALLY decided that what really matters is God's will for my life which I determine is to work in and for an orphanage. And now when I think about guys I dream for a man who will support God's plan for me (which is also my dream), perhaps even work with me. So now when I start to feel attracted to a man I realise that they aren't what matter. I trust God will bring the man meant for me when the time is right. I have also discovered (as this diary seems to be based upon: what I have discovered and decided) that I have a diffuclty asking and allowing people to help me. A problem I plan to fix with God's help. Just like my facebook addiction. :P

So this was about two months ago. And about a month after I wrote this I started dating Nathan. I believe Nathan is God's answer to my prayers...we'll see though :P
This entry is in fact the last entry into my diary...I started writing this blog after that. And I think I will continue to write here instead of a diary...unless it is something that I really want to write about privately. So this has been interesting and I hope you have enjoyed my honesty and openness in sharing this with you.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Middle Child Syndrome (MCS)

I have this theory...well ok it's not mine..I don't know who came up with it but I believe deeply in it. Is it even a theory? I don't know but what I do know is I have experienced...it's called the Middle Child Syndrome (MCS). There are also the lesser known syndromes like Eldest Child, Youngest Child and Only Child Syndromes but as I'm none of these I only have the qualifications to write about mine. I'm the second eldest child in a family of four children. This makes me a middle child. If you have not heard about MCS then have no fear I am about to make it all very clear. The basics of MCS is that a middle child begins to feel unloved and unwanted because there siblings on either side are getting all the attention and love. I found growing up (especially when I was in middle and high school) difficult and at times was rather depressed because I felt like my parents did not and would not love me. Sometimes I felt like they forgot about me. My point is that my older sister as the oldest gets all the attention and love because she was the first born child! And then I have a younger brother and though I realise he also is a middle child...but he is the only boy in the family so he gets that attention and love! Then there is my youngest sister and that of course gives the excuse of her being loved for being that...the youngest!
So I will finish with this one piece of advice...if you think that this is all true then whatever you do don't mention it to your parents cause they won't believe you and will inform you that they treat all their children the same!

Painter or Pointer?

'Why hello I'm a painter. And you are?'
'What? Oh, I get it...you paint for a living.'
'No, I like to paint out what I'm saying instead of getting straight to the point...You see there are two types of people in the world...yes I realise that this is yet another one of those 'there are two types of people yadda yadda whatever...' but there really are this time! I promise! Anyways, as I was saying there are two types of people, there is the painter and the pointer. The pointer is someone who gets straight to the point. For example if I was in need of telling you an important peice of information then I would just tell you straight out what it is. However, on the other hand there is the painter who loves to put everything into detail and tell everything that led up to that point and why you need to tell that piece of information and then they will give the actual information. This is who I am; the painter. It is extremely hard for me to get a story across without giving every little detail. And I find I can often annoy people through this method...especially my sister; a pointer none the less! So I hope I have explained this enough...however if I haven't just let me know and I will put more detail into it as I know I have that skill.'
'Ahh...yes...ok' *steps away*

Monday, August 9, 2010

Introverted Little Me!

Hey how's everyone?
Thought I would write about something completely new...me! ....lol so ok it's not something different....but this blog is afterall mine and about me and I have the right to write about anything I want!
So as I was sitting in my lecture this morning (which was full of interesting events)...I got thinking about how I'm an introvert and what made me this way.
And because I'm a painter (I'll post about this soon I suppose) I am now going to tell you how I got thinking about this and then proceed to fill you in on how I became myself.
Well as I was saying, I was in my lecture this morning and we had an unexpected person turn up...no not a celebrity or a VIP jsut a random person...who you could describe as a creep. And no one knew who he was and what he was doing in our lecture...and because we are studying to be primary school teachers my friend next to me says something about 'stranger danger' and THAT is what got me thinking about my introvertness.
See, I believe that the whole 'stranger danger' thing I was taught as a primary schooler caused me to become afraid of every person I met. (Yes I apologise to my fellow classmates of my YR12 English class who have already heard this in 2008) If you think about it if you scare a child into thinking that all strangers are going to hurt you and that you shouldn't talk to them because of that fear you are going to get unsociable people!...hehehe like me :P
I blame this for my introvertedness because I find it extremely hard to say hello or talk to someone on the street or at uni because I have no idea who they really are and in my mind they are all out get me! But uni is teaching me that there are times when you have to step out of that comfort zone andjust take a risk and talk to them...who knows maybe they think I'm also a dangerous stranger?! And my talking to them may comfort them in thinking that I am not going to hurt them...though there is the possibility of make them even more scared. agh! Whatever...this is getting me confused!
So as for the other side of my introvertness...I generally am a quiet person...I like alot of things that involve being quiet...but amusingly I'm the one who makes sure the house is not completely quiet...I always have music on or something....you know that song? 'Silence is Golden'? I HATE IT! lol why is silence golden? it can be horrible!...anyways of track...me being quiet...oh yes...an example of my excellent skill at being introverted: I can manage to be completely quiet for an entire lesson which is like 2hours! but thanks to my tutors it seems they don't like this and love to pick on me.
and another example: my nickname is/was Rowdy...not because I am loud of course (silly who would think I'm actually rowdy! lol) but because of the opposite! yes my nickname was actually picked because I was quiet!
anyways I think I'm done...I could go on and on but I won't...cause I think you will start to think that i'm not introverted afterall! :P

Saturday, August 7, 2010

*Sigh* politics...the dreaded topic

So it seems that there is an election coming up...and up until the last few days I had no idea who I was going to vote for. In fact I had no idea who there was to vote for (well apart from the labour and liberal parties of course). So when some flyers came in the post, I read them and they prodded me to do some further research online I came to the conclusion I would vote for the Family First party (ok there may have been some pressure from the parents, but still I have made up my choice, either way). And I thought I had made a wise choice. And I still do, just the fact that my boyfriend does not agree makes me frustrated.
As a Christian I want someone in government who shares my beliefs and I would hope my boyfriend had the same beliefs too (unfortunately it seems we differ). And I believe that the party who is the closest to sharing these is the Family First party. Have a read of their policies . Make up your own mind, but if you are a Christian I pray you prayerfully consider who you want in control of the country you live in.
God Bless!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

OCD...no not CDO...

Yes I am a little OCD as some of my good friends know. And no I do not change it to CDO because that would annoy me cause it isn't correct. Because then it would be Complusive Disorder Obsessive and that definately does not make sense!
Anyways... my OCD ranges from minimal to overly obsessive.. and I guess some of it sometimes comes down to my stubborness and perfectionism. I suppose those could be other names for it.
I am a very neat person who likes things in their place. And most things have an order about them...in particular my books. I have a shelf for books I have read and they are in height order. Then I have a shelf where there are the books I have started or want to read. These aren't in a particular oder but when it comes to choosing them I have a certain way to picking them...which I will not disclose because then it will make me look insane and I'll be dragged off to an asylum.
Oh and when it comes to picking my clothes I have a certain way to picking them too...this is similar to me picking the books.
And then there is generally those little things that get on my nerves like an object slightly out of place. I'm slowly accepting that the hair on my head does not and will not stay in place...so if you see pictures of my a few years back I have this very sleek tight pulled back ponytail look happening and if you see me now... let's just say my hair is becoming more messy looking...well to me it looks messy. :)
You'll love this story: My family once had a wine salesperson over to give us a wine tasting session (it was really good wine). Anyways there was this one bottle of wine that she brought out and it was assymetrical - so one side was less curved then the other... this bottle frustrated me because 1. it was not perfect and 2. I could not fix it because it was made of glass.
So there is a little insight on my OCDness. And that was the sequel to 'lost and found'

Monday, July 26, 2010

Lost and Found

Have you ever lost something and have no idea where it has gone and you keep looking until you give up?
Well as far as I know there are very few things that I have ever not found. Whether it is by my own genius (and frustration until I find it) or through someone else helping me (this is rare) I always seem to find the things that go missing.
This is a skill that I know I possess and am proud of it.
It means that I know I am an awesome:
Friend: Cause I always am finding those black pencil cases in the black bag or the phone in the bag full of junk.
Sister: Cause I always find the lost usb the morning that my brother or sister need it to print off an assignment (seriously I don't know why they lose it! I will never let it out of my sight!)
Daughter: Cause I always find that missing bottle of some ingredient that mum is looking for in the pantry and I always find dad's glasses where ever he last left them.
And I know that I will be an amazing mother and wife cause I will be the person who will not give up until I find that missing something! :)
Although now I ponder on this I think maybe I won't have to bother too much in my future house because I will have a neat and clean house that I will know exactly where everything is because I have a slight OCD tendancy (a post coming on this soon).
So I suppose I should let you all in on my secret.
Well it is simple really...just don't stop looking until you find it! :)
That's seriously what I do...well that and a few other things... like thinking of the most random places they could be or where I last left it or am most likely to put something. But most of all I try to always put things back where they are meant to be or there abouts.
So I hope this helps you to take on the challenge of finding things yourself... instead of depending on someone else to find it...or...not finding it (whichever you tend to do), however if you find that nothing is working... seriously call on me and I will find it for you...but trust me I won't be coming round to find non-existant things like the little leprechaun or the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (I'm not that gullilble!)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Rant on Monologues...Dramatic ones at that

Did you ever have to do a dramatic monologue for English in school? I did... every year in fact... for three years!
Because the English teachers thought it would be nice to torture us poor students who had no way of getting out of it and of course for their own enjoyment of watching us attempt to act.
I will let you know, I am not a dramatic person or at least not an actor. If I was an actor I would be an extra...simple no lines...just act yourself. I was a very quiet person through school and could sit through an entire class and not say a word (now that's talent!) But no you can not do a monologue, apparently in your head. They make you sit (or stand or whatever you do to act out the part you are playing) and talk about some thing that really has no point to it at all.
I mean, come on! How many people do you see using the skills to monologue about something in their career? Apart from those super villians.
Are the teachers trying to teach us to be insane? Afterall, I mean, the first sign of insanity is talking to yourself and isn't that what monologuing is? So from becoming insane we then can in turn become super villians? GREAT! (sarcasm hand is up)
I just would like to say if I ever wanted to learn to do an excellant monologue and act then I would have attended Drama class now wouldn't I?
So I never liked doing monologues, especially when you saw the actual drama students do them and pass with flying colours. How unfair is that? I mean shouldn't we be graded on something that we all find fairly difficult...like grammar? Afterall isn't that what English should be about? Hey now there's an idea! Actually teaching students how to write their language!

So that was my rant...about monologues...basically that is what I ranted about while I was in school.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My views of Education

As a pre-service teacher I thought it would be a good idea to share my thoughts on the whole education thing.

Children should be allowed to learn in a natural peaceful environment...so mostly at home...therefore I believe children should be homeschooled. The end.

No seriously. I do believe that children are better off learning at home rather than in a school environment. I read of how students were taught hundreds of years ago and though I'll admit it was the more wealthy who were taught at home. But no matter, they were capable of learning several languages, several instruments and were knowledgable on all kinds of things. Their intellect was astounding! It almost seems like today's world has dumbed everything so we hardly have to think anymore!

Furthermore, back then their goals and achievements were set at a higher level. So why can't teachers expect more from their students? Because then there will be parents complaining about how the school work is to difficult for their child and the child will probably acquire their parents mind frame and won't want to do the work. Therefore, I bring it back to my original point; I believe homeschooling is the best option and is what I would love for my future children. And everyone else can decide for themselves what they think. But if you want people to be a more intellectual being then start raising the bars for them and expect more from them. Thankyou.

My First Published Poem


My heart beats wildly,
A drum beating, timely.

Rising up within me,
Like a stormy sea.

Emotions like never before.
Something I can't ignore.

Nearly more than I can bear,
but it's for someone that I care.

The age old question

Ok so for my first post I thought I would let everyone know the answer to the question that I get asked so often.
Background info: my birth date is 23rd of December
The Question: Do you mind having your birthday so close to Christmas? Or a slight deviation: Do you get combined presents or seperate presents for both occasions?

Ok so I know the second one is a roundabout way of asking the first question but they tie in together.
The Answer: no I don't mind at all having my birthday so close to Christmas...I actually feel kind of special...especially when Christmas is my favourite time of year! Sure there are times when I don't like it but it's all part and parcel of having a birthday close to a major calendar event! As for the presents I definately get birthday presents AND Christmas presents! How unfair would that be! For all my siblings would be getting more than me if I just got presents once a year! Of course there are the rellies who often will just give one or the other or neither...but who in their right mind would let a child go without presents on one of these special days?
So for any parent who ever has a child near Christmas let this be a message to you that you give your child presents on both days and then they won't mind at all having their birthday near Christmas! As for the rest of you who are my friends let this be a message to you to not forget to give me both...lol jokes! Love you all and happy reading of my future posts!

So now that's done let's move on to another topic...