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Monday, July 26, 2010

Lost and Found

Have you ever lost something and have no idea where it has gone and you keep looking until you give up?
Well as far as I know there are very few things that I have ever not found. Whether it is by my own genius (and frustration until I find it) or through someone else helping me (this is rare) I always seem to find the things that go missing.
This is a skill that I know I possess and am proud of it.
It means that I know I am an awesome:
Friend: Cause I always am finding those black pencil cases in the black bag or the phone in the bag full of junk.
Sister: Cause I always find the lost usb the morning that my brother or sister need it to print off an assignment (seriously I don't know why they lose it! I will never let it out of my sight!)
Daughter: Cause I always find that missing bottle of some ingredient that mum is looking for in the pantry and I always find dad's glasses where ever he last left them.
And I know that I will be an amazing mother and wife cause I will be the person who will not give up until I find that missing something! :)
Although now I ponder on this I think maybe I won't have to bother too much in my future house because I will have a neat and clean house that I will know exactly where everything is because I have a slight OCD tendancy (a post coming on this soon).
So I suppose I should let you all in on my secret.
Well it is simple really...just don't stop looking until you find it! :)
That's seriously what I do...well that and a few other things... like thinking of the most random places they could be or where I last left it or am most likely to put something. But most of all I try to always put things back where they are meant to be or there abouts.
So I hope this helps you to take on the challenge of finding things yourself... instead of depending on someone else to find it...or...not finding it (whichever you tend to do), however if you find that nothing is working... seriously call on me and I will find it for you...but trust me I won't be coming round to find non-existant things like the little leprechaun or the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (I'm not that gullilble!)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Rant on Monologues...Dramatic ones at that

Did you ever have to do a dramatic monologue for English in school? I did... every year in fact... for three years!
Because the English teachers thought it would be nice to torture us poor students who had no way of getting out of it and of course for their own enjoyment of watching us attempt to act.
I will let you know, I am not a dramatic person or at least not an actor. If I was an actor I would be an extra...simple no lines...just act yourself. I was a very quiet person through school and could sit through an entire class and not say a word (now that's talent!) But no you can not do a monologue, apparently in your head. They make you sit (or stand or whatever you do to act out the part you are playing) and talk about some thing that really has no point to it at all.
I mean, come on! How many people do you see using the skills to monologue about something in their career? Apart from those super villians.
Are the teachers trying to teach us to be insane? Afterall, I mean, the first sign of insanity is talking to yourself and isn't that what monologuing is? So from becoming insane we then can in turn become super villians? GREAT! (sarcasm hand is up)
I just would like to say if I ever wanted to learn to do an excellant monologue and act then I would have attended Drama class now wouldn't I?
So I never liked doing monologues, especially when you saw the actual drama students do them and pass with flying colours. How unfair is that? I mean shouldn't we be graded on something that we all find fairly difficult...like grammar? Afterall isn't that what English should be about? Hey now there's an idea! Actually teaching students how to write their language!

So that was my rant...about monologues...basically that is what I ranted about while I was in school.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My views of Education

As a pre-service teacher I thought it would be a good idea to share my thoughts on the whole education thing.

Children should be allowed to learn in a natural peaceful environment...so mostly at home...therefore I believe children should be homeschooled. The end.

No seriously. I do believe that children are better off learning at home rather than in a school environment. I read of how students were taught hundreds of years ago and though I'll admit it was the more wealthy who were taught at home. But no matter, they were capable of learning several languages, several instruments and were knowledgable on all kinds of things. Their intellect was astounding! It almost seems like today's world has dumbed everything so we hardly have to think anymore!

Furthermore, back then their goals and achievements were set at a higher level. So why can't teachers expect more from their students? Because then there will be parents complaining about how the school work is to difficult for their child and the child will probably acquire their parents mind frame and won't want to do the work. Therefore, I bring it back to my original point; I believe homeschooling is the best option and is what I would love for my future children. And everyone else can decide for themselves what they think. But if you want people to be a more intellectual being then start raising the bars for them and expect more from them. Thankyou.

My First Published Poem


My heart beats wildly,
A drum beating, timely.

Rising up within me,
Like a stormy sea.

Emotions like never before.
Something I can't ignore.

Nearly more than I can bear,
but it's for someone that I care.

The age old question

Ok so for my first post I thought I would let everyone know the answer to the question that I get asked so often.
Background info: my birth date is 23rd of December
The Question: Do you mind having your birthday so close to Christmas? Or a slight deviation: Do you get combined presents or seperate presents for both occasions?

Ok so I know the second one is a roundabout way of asking the first question but they tie in together.
The Answer: no I don't mind at all having my birthday so close to Christmas...I actually feel kind of special...especially when Christmas is my favourite time of year! Sure there are times when I don't like it but it's all part and parcel of having a birthday close to a major calendar event! As for the presents I definately get birthday presents AND Christmas presents! How unfair would that be! For all my siblings would be getting more than me if I just got presents once a year! Of course there are the rellies who often will just give one or the other or neither...but who in their right mind would let a child go without presents on one of these special days?
So for any parent who ever has a child near Christmas let this be a message to you that you give your child presents on both days and then they won't mind at all having their birthday near Christmas! As for the rest of you who are my friends let this be a message to you to not forget to give me both...lol jokes! Love you all and happy reading of my future posts!

So now that's done let's move on to another topic...