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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Dear Teenage Me...

Dear myself as a teen,

So you have grown up so you can see over more things...not by much and unfortunately there won't be much more growing in height either. But hey being short is lots of fun and it means there are plenty of guys out there that are taller than you!
You have gotten to high school and you are probably trying hard to figure out where you fit in. You may feel lost and helpless now but don't forget that you have God on your side looking out for you!
I know you may feel like no one loves you in your family and yes you have that whole argument as to why (eldest child gets special responsibility, only boy is special, and youngest if always doted on, and you, well there just isn't any reason to love you because you are that middle second eldest child.) BUT don't let that consume you and stop you from reaching out to your family. Don't deprive yourself of your family's love by sticking to loneliness in your bedroom. Go on! Go and spend some time with your family! I'm sure at least one of them will love it!
Take good care of your sibling's relationships. And when you get married at the age of 23 and a half make sure your siblings are in the bridal party. Doesn't matter if your sister wants to only do the flowers. Insist! Insist that she is more special to you than your best friends! If I could go back and change it, I would. Now your older sister is getting married and has left you out of the bridal party. It is likely because of that reason that you did have her in yours. So please, make sure you spend time with all of them and truly get to know them! It really isn't all about you!
And if you happen to get to my age and have made the same mistake as I did, make sure you just show love to your sister. Don't waste time hating her decisions. She probably hates yours.

Anyways you are probably desperately wondering if you marry that guy! Well...no. No. No you don't. So just stop pining away and focus on your studies. God's got it all in control! He has picked an excellent man out for you. Well he has his flaws, just like you but he loves you and just needs some prodding to get the ball rolling.
So forget E.C. Just forget him. He will only ever be a good friend and you will see him occasionally. Oh and forget all the guys at school. You won't meet Mr Right until you are at uni.

Oh and when you are on your gap year after Year 12?...yeah please be productive and don't say 'I hate you' to mum. You'll get kicked out if you do. Learnt that the hard way. Your parents are just trying to help you and encourage you to find a job.

Above all, remember to love God. He will never leave you nor forsake you.

Good luck and God bless!

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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Happiest moment in my week

Yesterday my husband and I went for a walk (Yes it included Pokemon) in a nearby park. We regularly plan time together which we call 'marriage time.' This is purposely planned time to spend together and to work on our marriage. As we do plan for it each week it means that we rarely have to have a serious chat on these days as we usually feel close enough during the rest of the week to do that. However, it still allows time for those serious chats to happen.
This week was his turn to plan. He decided that we would go for a nice walk and continue on our Pokemon quest. We are playing it together on one account so it brings us together even more. It took a bit for us to sort out our selfish qualms in wanting to be the one to hold the phone, but we have peacefully resolved that issue and love playing it together!

Anyways, back to the main topic of my happiest moment. Well each week my happiest moment is marriage time! I love planning our time and working out what we can do each time. I love that it means my husband plans dates, which doesn't come naturally for him but it gets him thinking. I don't mind the simple dates because usually it allows for more talking and spending time together.

This coming week is my turn. I have decided that we will have some fun out and about at a local arcade and play some games together. We love all things nerdy and have found going to arcades as a good and fun way to spend time together. I might even organise a little competition for the day!
I have a Pinterest board that I have collected ideas for date nights and my favourite website has hundreds of ideas (datingdivas) for all kinds of dates.

If you have a partner or spouse make sure that when you are planning time together it does suit both your interests, or at least that you share the times to cover both interests!

Comment below with your best date ideas!