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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Challenge 4: That's Awesome Chuck!

Yes as I mentioned in my previous post I am now on a marathon of sorts to watch a whole season of Chuck in a week. There are 13 episodes. So I'll watch one on Sunday and then two every other day of the week!

Episode 1.
This is the only episode of Chuck I have previously seen before starting this challenge. I enjoyed it immensely...again. For those who do not know what Chuck is about, let me elucidate here: Basically it is about a computer nerd having a whole heap of world/American government secrets uploaded into his mind. And when he sees something that triggers one of the secrets he blanks out and stares into space until the entire secret has run through his mind's eye. And as for the title to this challenge it is in reference to one of my favourite characters in the series. Captain Awesome. Called this due to him saying awesome to nearly everything. That's Awesome Chuck. You know what? That's Awesome. And that Souffle is Awesome...
Episode 3.
I found it highly amusing that it took them this long to actually get their opening credits going. Well they did have the credits showing in the first two episodes but they didn't specifically go and do an animation and show who the characters are with their actor's name beside the face.
Sorry I didn't have a running commentary on all the episodes but I'm not going to sum up why I like Chuck.
1. It doesn't involve a ginormic amount of swearing, sex or drugs.
2. It involves nerds and spies!
3. It is hilarious
4. As Captain says: IT'S AWESOME!
5. It's addictive.

In all I love the series. And I can't wait to watch the other two seasons I have. So yes this challenge was SUCCESSFUL!
Next up I'm going to be leaving Bible verses around a shop!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Challenge 3: Yes Man/Woman

Background info and rules: So I have found my next challenge through the same person who brought me my last one. This one I can do in a day. I have to say yes to everything for a day!
Rule 1: I can not tell anyone what day I am doing it
Rule 2: In the case that I have already told someone they can not abuse me with it and they can't tell me to do things. Rule one also applies to them then.
Rule 3: I have to go out. I can't stay at home.
Rule 4:  I have to say yes to any questions, ideas and challenges.
Rule 5: If I am unable to do something that is asked of me I say yes and then follow with 'perhaps another day' or 'not really'
Rule 6: Above all else I must say yes and cannot reply with a no to any question, idea or challenge.

Challenge Status: FAIL! :(
As you can see I got an 'F' for this challenge that is because being a female it appears that I can not focus on saying yes to EVERY question I get asked. Also it appears to be very difficult to go to work and serve customers and say yes to their questions about whether we have bagels/straws...or anything else we may have run out of or not have stock of and then have to tell them that I was only kidding. I don't think I would still have a joke. So I gave in and gave up. I did try again but as I said before females can't seem to focus on it long enough to last a day. Oh well. But I recommend that you at least try this sometime. Oh and I should mention that in regards to my second challenge I have continued to talk to people while I'm waiting at a train/bus or on the off chance I'm at a taxi stop. It's quite fun to do and sometimes just makes my day and perhaps someone else's too! I guess it's onto the next challenge which will be....drum roll! Watch a whole season of something and that something is going to be Chuck! So we will most likely see me making comments on each episode...that is if I get a chance to between episodes! :P  

Friday, January 7, 2011

Challenge 2: I talk at buses

well not really at buses. I talk to people at bus stops. That is my second challenge demanded of me by a friend overseas. Within the next week I have to go up to at least three people at a bus stop or any stop (one might be a taxi rink) and start up a conversation with them. So we will see how it goes. I actually think it might be easy. depending on what the person is like. So wish me luck and pray for me that God keeps me safe in these conversations and perhaps He may lead the conversation towards Him!

Day 1.
Challenge status: Successful!
So this morning I had started thinking that perhaps I wouldn't be up to talking to strangers and almost wanted to back out of this challenge cause I have shy tendencies...especially around unknown people on the street. So I went to work thinking I might not actually succeed in this challenge. However, when I knocked off work I started walking to my pick up stop and on the way there is a taxi zone and lo and behold there was a lady sitting there waiting for a taxi. Great opportunity I thought to do part of my challenge for this week. So as I walked past her I started a conversation with her. It went like this:
Me: Hello!
Her: Hi
Me: Where are you headed? OOH you have a cake!
(that last remark was ignored by her)
Her: Umm...the Beach
Me: Cool...Great weather for it (sarcasm)...have fun

And you want to know my thoughts on that conversation?  Well for one I thought it actually was easier than I thought. And secondly I think the victim of my first conversation for this challenge was quite surprised I was talking to her and when I asked where she was headed I think she thought I was about to offer a lift to her destination. Well sadly I don't have my licence to do so yet. But I think that I would have if I did. I mean offer a lift. Well that's one done two more to go. Hopefully this rain will let off for a bit so I can escape from this house that I am now flooded in in so I can complete this challenge. Otherwise I might postpone this till I'm able to actually complete it.

Day 7.
Challenge status: Failed.
So it turned out that I couldn't complete my challenge for this week due to a lot of rain and a lot to do during the week. I never got to be near a bus stop for the rest of the week. Well I did go to the Plaza on Friday but that was at night and I did not go near the bus stop area. So I am sorry for not having more stories to share. But I will make it my goal to unofficially to try to talk to people when I'm sitting at a bus stop cause it made me think how it is nice to be cordial and friendly to people who are waiting along with you. I mean...Who wants to sit and do nothing while waiting for a bus when there is a friendly person next to you who might just need some cheering up or someone to talk to!?
So onto the next challenge...which I haven't actually decided upon...but I will find one soon!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Challenge 1: Positively LAN

Day 1.
Challenge status: FAIL!
So all day I managed to be positive towards the LAN party that my boyfriend and my brother along with a heap of my guy friends are attending this week, until I walked into the room where the boys are set up...They asked me what I had been doing today and I said, " Working, unlike you guys!" and there you are I failed on the first day of my challenge. But no matter I will press on to redeem my pride of completing the challenge set before me to be positive towards the LAN party. Perhaps I should explain a bit about what it actually is. LAN (as far as I know) is a computer term for the network that is made out of connecting computers together so you are able to share things between computers easily. Off the top of my head I think LAN stands for Local A(something) Network. And yes I'm trying to impress you with my 'vast' knowledge of computers...cough cough. So what these wonderful boys do is connect as many computers as they need...plus a few more...and play all the computer games that they desire to play...and for as long as they want too. It actually impresses me that they can do such things...for I certainly could not! So I applaud them for their expertise in the technology of today's world.

Day 2.
Challenge status: Success!
I managed to get through a day without being negative towards it! However, I don't have any exciting stories to share about how hard it was...cause it actually was fairly easy. I was working (as I was yesterday) (I work at a Bakery by the way) and I had left over sandwiches so when my mum came to pick me up she suggested we take them over to the boys so they have some food to eat...I think she just wanted to check on my younger brother. This was good for me to see them mid-week of their LANning. And it concreted in my mind that they actually are very organised and civilised during the LAN. They stop to eat and have breaks and they aren't screaming all the time about whether they won or lost, which would cause them to lose their voices, which wouldn't be good at all. My parents decided that the LAN is actually a good thing as they would much rather their son (my brother) to be doing this than walking the streets doing drugs or something else. The last thing I can think of to say about it all today is that it is easy to be positive about something when you are promised that it will all be made up to you when it is all over...as my boyfriend did! :) So I'm happy to let him be so that he can get all the gaming out of his system for awhile and focus on me! :)

Day 3.
Challenge status: Success!
Again I kept my mind busy and off the fact that my boyfriend is away and whether it is good or bad. So really it was another easy day being positive about the LAN...I did not make one negative remark about LAN. In fact I called my boyfriend this afternoon to ask if he wanted to come and join me and my family at home tomorrow night for dinner as the LAN party finishes then and I realised that he would not have any food at his place...so I guess I am being considerate of how this week has been and I want to make sure he continues having a good time!

Day 4.
Challenge status: Success!
Considering this was the last day of the LAN it was pretty easy to be positive about it cause I knew it was almost over and I was going to see my boyfriend! So I was happy to be kind towards it all and let them finish in peace and did not disturb the boys! So there you are. I am able to be positive about something if I put my mind to it. Doesn't mean I agree with it all but it does make me think about my actual views and makes me open to accepting new ideas and opinions.

So my first challenge is done and done and I am looking for a new challenge to start on Sunday so if you have any ideas message me on facebook or comment below. Remember I have full rights to accept or deny a challenge. But please share ideas so I have something to pick from!