I'm Maija and I was born in December!
I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts on many topics!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

What holds me back

Something that I think holds me back is my worry. I am constantly worrying about something! Often at work it stops me from being confident and taking the initiative! I want to stop worrying so much but it is difficult. I know the best way to stop is to cast your worries on God. He will give me comfort and peace I know.

Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you. 1 Peter 5:7

Monday, May 30, 2016

Quote It!

My current favourite quote is this:

I have spent most of my developing years discovering what makes me happy. God, bright colours, animals, good books, friends and family all make me happy. I have spent almost the same amount of time developing good friendships and being quite choosy who I will spend my time with. Only because I want to spend time with people who I know will make me feel happy and so in turn I can make them happy. If people are negative or degrading I will not tolerate them because I hate feeling blue. (Although I love the colour!) 
If people are always looking for an argument and to pick a fight they will find it. I want the opposite; peace and happiness. So I search for it and I find it! 
Of course I will encounter people who do make me upset but I don't put up with them. I encourage them to be happy and positive and it is up to them to decide to change or stay the same. If they don't change I spend as little time as possible with them, but every time I am around them I will be positive and uplifting so as to encourage that behaviour. I don't see any harm in this approach as it is my choice who I spend time with.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A skill to learn...

I consider myself one of many talents and skills. But if you ask me what is one skill I would love to learn I would have to say to speak fluent Finnish. Which always makes me think of this movie! Haha.

I have tried several times to learn to speak Finnish. I'm slowly getting there. One day I hope to visit the home of my ancestors. I do love Finnish culture. All except their love of herrings! ugh!
So tell me....what skill would you like to learn?

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Someone I love

If I could rewrite my vows this is what they would be:

I, Maija, take you,  Nathan, to be my husband to have and to hold from this day forward.
For all the smiles you put on my face. For all the tears I cry. I solemnly vow to always love you, no matter how you smell or look. I ask that you stay by my side when I am sick, in pain or in a fight. I promise to love you even when you do not listen to me and forget to do something I ask. I vow to communicate my thoughts and intentions through words and not just actions. I promise to be your cheerleader and full supporter. I promise to never compare you to other men. I vow to try to keep my temper when you do something I dislike. I promise to be the one to give you 100% attention when you ask for it. I promise to fulfil you to my potential and to not withhold my love for my own gain. I promise to respect, honour and cherish you forever and always!

Nathan, you are my husband and I will never leave you! I will never bring up the 'd' word in an argument.
I love you now and always!

Monday, May 23, 2016

In regards to weight loss...

So here's my plan on how to achieve and accomplish my wished for change:
Step 1. Get off my chair and be active.

Too often I find myself sitting down. I heard once that some scientists had researched how sitting down for too long can affect the adult body. Read here: Too much sitting! 
I have also been advised by my Chiropractor and Doctor that I need to be more active. So I have put in place a routine that requires me to be active for most of the day. I allow myself to relax at certain times in the day, for example when I wake up I begin by reading for 10 minutes to get my mind active! (Also to be able to keep up with my book club group!). In the mornings I will have breakfast and spend some time with God, reading His word and praying. I then will get ready for my work day by getting dressed and making my lunch. I tend to my pets and then begin working on my set chores for the day until I have to leave for work at 7:10am. At which point I walk 300 metres to my school. I have come to love walking to work because it means I am forcing myself to start being active. When on playground duty I remind myself to actually walk around and not stand in one spot. At the end of the day I walk home again and finish completing the rest of my chores.

Step 2. Do regular exercise.

I have never been in the habit of doing regular exercise. I try to be but it is difficult when you don't find it enjoyable. I don't find it enjoyable as I associate it with my pain and suffering of asthma. It truly is difficult to exercise without having an issue with asthma. My husband and I are going to begin tonight the following running program. I hope with his support we will be able to get into a habit of regular exercise.

Step 3. Eat less and healthier.

I am working quite well on this one. We purchased a menu planner from Target earlier this year and I began planning out our meals. Which meant that what we bought was mostly only what we needed for the recipes. A bonus was we cut down on waste. I have been eating less for a while now and I have seen the impact of this with losing a couple of kilos over a couple of weeks. 

So there is my three step plan on trying to achieve my wished for change. Comment with your wished for change and what you can do about it now! 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Wished for Change

If I could change something about myself it would have to be my weight. I want to be my ideal weight. I am currently working on losing it. There are several reasons I want to lose about 30kg.
1. My health
2. Increase chance of having a healthy pregnancy in the future.
3. Look better
4. Find clothes easier

I'm currently 91kg and want to be in the 60kg range. It's hard to imagine that, that is my ideal weight range. I have been over 60 kg since leaving school 7 years ago!
I have a dress I have purchased that is 2 sizes smaller than my current size. It is beautiful. I have nail wraps from Jamberry to match. I can't wear them!
My sister's wedding is in a year's time and I would love to wear that dress to her wedding! She and I are both working to lose weight. However, I think she is doing a lot more than I am. I want to slowly lose it so that I don't bounce weights. I want to know that I can control it.

Comment and let me know what is one thing you would like to change about yourself!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

The best thing that happened this week!

This week has been one busy week! It included two school events at night and one late one with friends!
Monday was our school's church service. We had the Christian music group 'Endless Praise' come to share. They are excellent and it was fun!

Tuesday I completed my report comments for the first time ever ahead of schedule!

Wednesday night was my monthly book club meet up. We just finished reading 'Just a Girl' and now we are starting on 'The Tea Chest'. I'm excited about this book, it looks to be my cup of tea. Yes pun intended.

Thursday, Nathan and I opted for a night in for our weekly marriage time. We watched a couple of my favourite TV show episodes from 'Fresh off the Boat' and 'My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend'.

Friday night my school had an Open Night. I think it was the best open night we have had. I was excited about our Year 2 display.

Today, though involved the best thing that happened to me this week. I got to sleep in! I have never looked forward to the weekend more than this week. It was so amazing to sleep in this morning and to take the day slowly because we had nothing planned for the weekend. Which is exactly what I needed after a week like I had!

That being said, this week has been a good week. Catch you all soon!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Celebrate Come On!

On the weekend I celebrated with two of my friends (and my sister via Facey) EUROVISION! I love watching this every year! It is a lot of fun and for the first time I was able to host a bit of a party. My friends and I played a bit of a drinking game on Saturday night when we watched the 2nd Semi-Final encore.
It was so exciting to see Australia almost win! I was relieved though to see we did not. I believe it would be very insulting to the rest of the European countries if we won the second year into the competition. Some countries have been in for over a decade and still haven't won!
Well done to Ukraine! Yours was not my favourite but I could see your passion and dedication to music. It was lovely to know that your song was dedicated to your great grandmother.

I look forward to next year's Eurovision! I wonder who will be our entry!? I thought Iggy Azaela would be an interesting entrant for us!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Small Things that Make me Happy

1. the first few minutes of crawling into bed.
2. The smell of rain after a hot day.
3. The smell of my baking cooking.
4. Pidgey, my bird, tweeting to me.
5. Pidgey sitting on my hand/shoulder.
6. Admiral Ackbar, my fighter fish, swimming up and down in his tank cause he recognises me.
7. Flocks of birds flying in the sky.
8. My class listening intently as I read them a story dramatically.
9. The softness of certain fabrics.
10. The weight in the bed beside me that tells me my husband is right next to me.
11. Colour coordination of things, particularly outfits.
12. A cup of tea
13. Finding a verse that applies directly to my situation.
14. Any compliment directed towards me.
15. Carpeted waiting rooms, particularly at the doctors
16. New shoes.
17. Finding a new outfit match in my wardrobe.
18. Knowing all the lyrics to a song.
19. spending quality time with my family.
20. receiving a gift no matter how small.
21. Reminiscing about my childhood.

Monday, May 9, 2016

About Me.

An update on the girl born in December.

So since my last post this is what's new with me:

I am now teaching little Year 2's! I am so excited about teaching them and love it! I think I have found my niche of students! They are cute listeners and love their teacher really no matter what! We have a lot of fun. At the moment though we are focusing on making sure we follow instructions quickly and finish activities on time.

Late last year we bought a 2nd hand car from a dealership which we drove down to South Australia in. It was quite wonderful! We loved the trip and had a great adventure. We have also made a mini road trip down to Coffs Harbour, NSW for Easter this year.

Our lovely little nephew was born on Christmas Eve! He is a December baby like me! I'm glad to share the week with him! Louis is his name and he is adorable! He visited after Easter with his parents, uncle and Ma-Ma.

On a sad note...

hmm I hesitate to share this but it is now part of who I am and I want to spread awareness. It has been a struggle this weekend with Mother's day happening as I have recently recovered from an ectopic pregnancy. I discovered I was pregnant in March. The very next day I found myself in ER due to bleeding. I was declared a threatened miscarry. I was only 4 weeks pregnant at this stage. It was too early to see much on a scan so they waited two weeks. My first and second scan (a week apart) showed nothing in the womb. There appeared to be a mass on my left ovary. I was then declared to have an ectopic. It was an emotional rollercoaster! For the first week I knew that I was pregnant I was overjoyed but so worried as no woman wants to end up in ER! I had already begun to adjust to the pregnancy symptoms which I was getting and altering my lifestyle. After all this was an unexpected pregnancy. When I found out I had an ectopic I was devastated. I made the choice to let everyone know what was happening on the 30th April through Facebook. I wanted to openly grieve as for me it is the best way to process grief. Everyone was very supportive and many prayed. God brought me so many blessings despite what was happening. In all honesty the worst that happened was losing a baby. My health declined only slightly. They had caught it so early.
So the facts are these:
- I had an ectopic on my left side
-My pregnancy hormone (Hcg) was dropping naturally
-I was put initially on a plan to wait and see
-When my Hcg plateaued for a couple of days I needed further treatment
-I opted for a drug called Methotrexate.
-This is a chemo drug.
-I only needed one dose
- I am now fully recovered.
-I can not fall pregnant for the next 5 months, to protect the babies
-I am sad and confused as to why it happened
-I am thankful I did not need surgery and only needed one dose.
-I was terrified throughout the whole experience!
-It has not deterred me from wanting to have children in the future.

I share this all so ectopic pregnancy does not become a taboo subject. I kept saying to people: If anyone else died in my family everyone would know! So why not let everyone know about the little one I lost?!
Nathan was a huge support throughout it all. He was distraught about losing our little one but loves me all the same. We named out little one Jamie.
I am not ashamed for this happening. It was not anyone's fault, it is part of life. I am confused as to why it happened because in God's word it says:
 "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28
However, perhaps God worked the good so that I could keep my ovary and tube in tact and continue to have pregnancies from either ovary in the future. He kept me from extreme pain and risk of infection. 
I do not wish this experience on anyone. But if you know of someone who is or has gone through this or something similar: 
-Don't ask them about their plans for future children
-Be mindful on Mother's day or Father's day (especially if they have no children yet)
-Make them feel good about their bodies.
-Remind them of the blessings they do have in their life.
-Continue to include them in things if they want to; don't assume!
-Be there for them when they need to cry and just listen. 

So that's what's new with me. I really needed to write that all down! I will finish with a letter to my little Jamie:

Dear Jamie,

I did not see you physically but I felt you. 
I know you were alive, but for a short time. 
Thank you for having me as your mother. 
I'm sorry you never got to grow bigger than a blueberry. 
I'm sorry the timing wasn't right. 
I know I will see you one day in heaven with God. 
I can't wait to know you fully. 
I want you to know that your daddy and I love you so much! 
We would have given you all the hugs you want.
I imagine that you are a girl but I never knew for sure. I never will know. 
It wouldn't matter though! We would love you no matter what!
You are my child, whom I love, with you I am well pleased. - words you never got to hear with your little ears. I am pleased with you! You have not done anything wrong! It is not your fault little one! 
You will always be in my heart and the apple of my eye! 

Love you forever and always,