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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Favourite Books

Books are a wonderful part of being a human! Think about it. We get to read what others have creatively written for entertainment and enjoyment.
My favourite books and why I love them are as follows:

The Bible - I hope to read it in its entirety before I die. If I had to hazard a guess i think I have read about 40-50% of it. So many wise words! I have full faith in God and His word. I know it sounds crazy to love a book that you haven't read entirely but I just do.

Bookends - I love the relationship between the main characters. A true love story.

Books by Jodi Picoult - She truly does her research on the main topic of her books and varies her narratives. Very interesting reads.

Friday, March 31, 2017

My Free time

I love routine and I have a 'timetable' for my personal life as well as my work life.
So naturally for me I schedule in my free time as well.

I rotate through my list of free time activities so I never get bored of the different things I like to do.

Here is my list of activities:

  • challenge (On pinterest I have a board of 'challenges' I could do when I'm bored, my current challenge is to do blog posts on 52 topics. This is actually what I'm currently doing for free time!)
  • work (This means I complete some task for work when I'm at home. I try not to bring work home with me but sometimes it is helpful to get something done in my free time.)
  • craft (I have many craft projects and this means I get to work on them)
  • bake (I love baking, and baking for others is always great!)
  • pamper (This means I get to do a facial or anything else that I feel will pamper me)
  • game (Play a boardgame or videogame by myself or with Nathan!)
  • TV show (watch some more of our current favourite TV show)
  • gardening (potter around my pot plant garden!)
  • colouring in (get to complete one of my adult colouring pages I have.)
  • exercise (get moving!)
  • bath (enjoying a luxurious bath time is so relaxing!)
  • movie (watch a movie at home)
  • nails (I love doing my nails with Jamberry or nail polish!)
  • nap (because why not?!)
  • listen to music (and dance!)
  • write a letter (I love writing letters to others. It's so nice to receive a written note/letter because it means someone took the time to sit and hand write to you.)
  • call a friend (catch up with someone I haven't spoken to in awhile)
  • candles (light a candle and relax!)
  • read (I always have a book I'm reading, especially because I am part of a book club!)
  • cuppa (and the last of the list but by far my favourite! Have a cup of tea!)
Today in my free time I read and had some ice tea (T2's Apple Crumble) and I watched 'Frozen'. 

So what do you do in your free time?

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Pros and Cons of being a teacher

So I'm a teacher and as with any job there are pro's and con's of being one.

Let's start with the cons:

1. No freedom to go to the toilet when you want or need to! Seriously the first few years you are training your body to go when it is break times. No wonder my students have trouble too!
2. Dealing with bratty, snotty, clingy or selfish kids. It's no bed of roses and a lot of kids need training in manners and hygiene...guess that's my job!
3. Having so much to do! Our 'to do' list never ends. I have literally had a list of things to do all year and not gotten to them. Thankfully they tend to be wish lists of things you want to get done. But somehow all the important things do get done on time.
4. Having your holidays scheduled so no choice on when you want to go...especially if you wanted to travel in the off-peak times!
5. Parents who aren't helpful. This could be either not helping you with your job as a teacher or not helping their child in their learning.
6. After school commitments. (Parent Teacher Interviews, meetings, phone calls etc.)

Ok I think that's all the con's. Let's see if the pros outweigh them:

1. Having a pretty well structured day. You know where you should be for majority of the day.
2. Having input into developing minds. You actually are teaching them something new very day!
3. The days/lessons when it totally all clicks together and works like clockwork!
4. Hearing the kids laugh at a joke you made...like yeah parents you get to hear a couple kids laugh but having a more than 15 students laugh makes you feel like a comedian!
5. Having regular holidays, despite half of the time you spend it working anyway...but no kids to hold you back on planning/marking/learning.
6. Usually being home in time to still go grocery shopping or do some cleaning...that is if you aren't completely exhausted!
7. Getting to dress up in crazy costumes a few times a year, like it is normal!
8. Getting to sing songs and dance with the kids because you have to.
9. Learning things - it is proven that a learning, growing mind is a healthy mind.
10. Being in control - you get a whole classroom to control...you are the boss...like a mini boss in an organisation and you get 15+ kids to order about!
11. Having students who will do things out of the goodness of their child's heart!

Well that's all I can think of for now but wow look at that almost double the amount of cons!

Also yesterday I read this verse:

 Ecclesiastes 5: 18-20

“Then I realised that it is good and proper for a man to eat and drink, and to find satisfaction in his toilsome labour under the sun during the few days of life God has given him for this is his lot. Moreover, when God gives any man wealth and possessions, and enables him to enjoy them, to accept his lot and be happy in his work this is a gift of God. He seldom reflects on the days of his life, because God keeps him occupied with gladness of heart.”

I love being a teacher. Do you love what you do?

Friday, March 3, 2017

Season of life

'Season of life'...what does that mean? Is it a month? A year? A decade?
I'm going to go with my mid 20's...so what are some of the things I love about being in my mid 20's?
Well here's a list:

- Not having kids yet: yes I would like to have children but I am realising just how precious this time is before having children. It means I get to know my husband very intimately and we have the freedom to do whatever we want without the responsibility of taking care of children.

- smooth skin: I know it is a very worldly thing to think about this kind of thing but I truly love having smooth skin and I know one day it will gain 'wisdom wrinkles'. I know I will love my wrinkles too as they will be a part of me but for now I will enjoy having the smoothness of skin!

- Nail art: another worldly thing but I do love doing my nails weekly and it cheers me up so much throughout the week to see this little bit of beauty and effort I made when I choose not to use makeup daily.

- Cooking various things: I love learning new recipes and in this season of my life I have cooked and baked more than when I was a teen and love how much I have learnt!

- Learning about myself: I learnt so much about myself when I was teen because I tried 'finding who I was' and I did. But everyone does change and I know I have since being in school. I am learning so much about myself while I teach little ones. I have realised I have some degree of autism and am reflecting and learning about how I managed to cope without the support I would have received if I had been diagnosed as a child.

- Book club! I love the fact that I am in a book club. I know this may not last forever but right now I am loving it! We have stuck together for over a year now! I can't wait to see how long it goes for!

Well that's all I can think of for now..what do you love about your season of life? Tell me in the comments!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I love you too...

The last person I said, 'I love you' to is....you guessed it! my husband!
We regularly say this to each other.
When we were dating we decided that we would never say, 'I love you MORE (or most)' because it makes the other feel bad for not loving the other the most. So instead we say, 'I love you just as much'.

Each day I definitely love my husband more and more.
Today I grew to love him more because he took me grocery shopping and even suggested a diet that we could try (keto). I love him more for this because he is willing to share the mundane task of grocery shopping with me and sometimes even will do it by himself happily! I also love him for looking into the health and welfare of both of us and searching for ways to increase our health!

So who was the last person you said 'I love you' to?

Monday, January 2, 2017

5 Big Goals for my Life

Goals are good. They help us move forward and to be productive. They help build character (because you are doing something). However, to be most helpful goals needs to be achievable.

My 5 big goals in my life at the moment are:

1. Walk faithfully in God's family.
 I want to always be learning and growing spiritually with God. He is  the most High and deserves number 1 of my goals. I love following Christ and the blessings I receive from Him are boundless. Which means I will forever be sending praise and giving all for Him.

2. Be faithful to Nathan.
I love my husband so much. He often thinks he doesn't deserve the love I give. But that is what unconditional and never ending love is. True love is loving someone even with their faults and failings. I know I have faults and failings and he loves me no matter what too! So this means I want to make sure I keep faithful to Nathan until I die.

3. Become the best teacher I can be.
I love my job. I am only three years into teaching but I love every part of it and want to become better  at it as each year goes by. I look forward to passing on my pearls of wisdom to future teachers and to help each child in my care grow in all ways.

4. Have a home that is full of love.
I want to create a home with an atmosphere that vibrates love in every aspect. Whether it is from the garden I grow to the family members we have. I look around at my current home and see the progress I am making. It still has a long way to go...I can several piles of clutter in places  where there shouldn't be any...Each year of being married I have learnt a lot about house keeping and being a dutiful wife but I know just as with my teaching I have a long way to go to emulate the women I grew up seeing with wonderful loving homes!

5. Be as healthy as God blesses me to be
I want to become healthy in both diet and weight. I have asthma which prevents me from being truly 100% healthy but I won't let that stop me from being in the 90% healthy range! I want to lose the excess weight I am carrying around and I want to  eat healthy...that means I will have to limit my chocolate and sugar intake I know but I want this so much because it means a longer life and a hope for a family.

So tell me what are your 5 big goals for your life?

Monday, December 19, 2016

My Bucket List

A bucket list is a very unusually both morbid and hopeful. We don't like death, we fear it often than not. So us humans have created a list (I love lists!) of things we hope to do before our last breath.

Here's mine. It's quite long and I have completed a few things on it already, which I'm quite pleased about...seeing as I made this 5 years ago.

This is my list of things I want to do before I die...it may keep growing.

So here it is:

Things to Do Before I Die

Note: If they have BOLD dates after them, it means I completed them on that date! 

1. Start an orphanage somewhere
2. Marry Nathan :D 04/07/2014
3. Complete my list of books that I want to read 
4. Have children
5. Live in Handorf
6. See Ireland
7. See Greece
8. See Italy
9. Be a Primary School Teacher NOV 2013
10. Meet James Marsden
11. Finish and have my songs sung by someone (someone famous would be nice)
12. See Russia
13. Watch all episodes of Dr. Who 
14. Learn Finnish
15. Eat a Scotch Egg (it looks yummy...and I want to try one :)
16. see a drive in movie OCT 2015
17. Live in the 1920s (unfortunately I don't think I'll get a chance unless someone builds a time machine that actually works!)
18. Live in the 1950s
19. ok so I think I should at least put down here now to build a time machine. or find the doctor
20. dance in a public place on bubble wrap with my friends! 2010
21. Be in two places at once (this is something out of a movie/book that I love and I really like how they achieved this one)
22. Travel and stay in every state and territory in Australia (I've been to 5 already as of 2013)
23. Own a Daschaund
24. Own a Mini Cooper
25. Own or hold a real life tea cup pig! They are beyond a doubt the cutest things!
26. Visit the Glass Beach in California
27. Get my driver's licence 5/3/2012!
28. Have a ride in a wheel chair...never have I actually sat in a wheel chair! I want to do it...hopefully only for funsies! 2016 (unfortunately it was not for funsies)
29. Get my hair cut by a professional hairdresser...yes I have never had my hair cut by anyone other than my mum, sister or dad...or myself.2012
30.Be the shortest in my family...but only because everyone out grew me...I actually look forward to this day...call me crazy but I like being short! 2011
31. get as many photos as possible before I die where I am on a round about with as many people as possible!
32. vote on an electoral roll 1 to 51 2013
33. help count up votes for an election
34. get a shirt that says Life and go and hand out lemons somewhere
35. Meet Lee Pace
36. Meet David Tennent 
37. Go to a World Expo 
38. Rescue and adopt at least one dog from RSPCA
39. Go on a cruise that is at least for one night
40. Go deep sea fishing
41. Catch a big fish more than 20cm
42. Own a bunny or at least pat and hold a bunny(HELD A BUNNY 2015)
43. Get to my recommended BMI
44. make every recipe in one recipe book
45. Prank Nathan really well 2016
46. Step foot on all 7 continents 
47. Help a hitchhiker
48. Have a Star Wars Marathon and seriously watch all of the movies
49. Attend the Olympic Games
50. Visit the Redwood National Park
51. Bob in the Dead Sea
52. Squash grapes for preparing wine
53.See the Northern Lights
54. Go to Japan and go to a natural spa and see Bunny Island
55. Ride an elephant
56. Be an extra 2011 see me here in the red shirt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaO4zBS-PMQ this ad was shown in cinemas and on Tv in Queensland.
57. Sit for a portrait drawing/painting
58. See the Piano Guys live performance
59. See Petra
60. Go to Morocco 

So what's on your bucket list?