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Friday, November 18, 2011


So December is coming up in a few months and you know what that means? I’ll give you a hint: read the name of my blog. Yes! That’s right! My birthday is coming up! And it’s not just any birthday it’s my twenty-first! Now I don’t really know for sure why this age is extra special and twenty isn’t. Well in my opinion every birthday is a reason to celebrate but if you wanted to go to the newsagent and get a twentieth birthday card…GOOD LUCK! Although finding the perfect twenty-first birthday card can be just as difficult because they are the ones card companies make and people rather have a party for that age and invite lots of people who in turn are the ones who buy the cards making it difficult to find them! I’m going to propose an idea on my birthday (after I have had my parties) that people start celebrating the age of twenty more so that more twentieth birthday cards are made! I mean why not?! Twenty is a great age to celebrate…I mean it’s the second time you get to celebrate a birthday that includes a 0! Maybe we celebrate a 21st because we celebrated our 1st birthday and not our actual birth day. I guess it is a bit hard to know exactly what day you are going to come out of your mum…unless you had a planned C-section. Anyways I’m getting off track...the reason I wanted to write this post was because MY birthday is coming up and I wanted to write out some ideas of what I will put on my present wish list. I mean *cough cough* that’s not what it’s about I know but it’s a tradition of mine…to help people (mainly my family) know what I want for my birthday and Christmas (which reminds me while I’m writing this I’m listening to a Frank Sinatra Christmas CD). I just like to make a list so that people don’t feel disappointed when they see a disappointed look on my face, although I would try and hide it as much as possible we all know it’s a bit hard to hide. I don’t think I have ever mentioned what date my birthday actually is…well just so you know it’s the 23rd…yes so close to Christmas I know…I LOVE IT! (Check out last year’s post on my birthday). ‘So ideas for presents?’ I can imagine you are thinking right now (or at least those who are expected to get me a present are thinking…you know who you are :P ) Hmmm so a list….now this list isn’t the final and exclusive list…meaning I may add to this up until my birthday. Also note it’s made for Birthday and Christmas presents. So here is a list of things that I would think would be perfect:
  • A CD of Adele’s music, must have ‘Someone like you’ and ‘In the deep’...or any CDs of the artists mentioned in my post called What makes Me me.
  • JAG TV series seasons 5 and up
  • ‘Love Actually’ DVD
  • Gift Cards to the following stores: Rockmans, Koorong, Jay Jays, Katies, Millers, QBD, kikki K. or Myers
  • Puzzles - prefer landscapes with lots of different things in them. So no large expanses of one colour or sky!
  • Laminating machine and laminating pockets
  • iPod

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our Song

WOAH! I know two posts in a night?! What am I thinking?! :P Don't get all annoyed at me for hogging something or other...just deal with it cause I'm going to write another post.
So as I mentioned in my last post I was at Nathan's family's place on the weekend and I had the pleasure to discover through Nathan's sister what their parent's 'song' is.
You know how couples look for that perfect song that describes their relationship? Or makes them happy when they hear it cause it holds a beautiful memory?
They have a really lovely song. A song that I like. It's called 'Lucky'. It's a really nice song. However, even though I would love it as Nathan's and my song I can't steal it and besides we already have a song. Our song is called 'Such Great Heights'. I prefer the Ben Folds version.
I was wondering if anyone else could share if they have a song that they share with a special someone. Could be one that is shared between a child and parent or brother and sister even.

Family Differences

I dedicate this post to Nathan's wonderful family.
We all know how families annoy each other. Especially siblings and how they love their rivalry. Now in my family, we have rivalry but it turns out not as much as my boyfriend's siblings (with him right in the middle of it!). 
I went to visit Nathan's family over the weekend, this being the second time I have visited them. It's been so few visits due to an expensive train ride that separates us, thank goodness! No I'm only kidding. I love Nathan's family as much as I love my own. They are loud and fun. My family...I thought we were loud but it turns out our volume is on the quiet end of the stereo. While my family go about our daily preparations (the morning rituals) my dad is outside on the farm feeding the animals, my sister is often found sleeping in and I go quietly about getting ready, whilst my younger sister follows suit in regards to the quietness and speed. My brother on the other hand loves to make a racket by slamming the door and throwing the dog bowls (he feeds the dogs) to the ground. He also is grumpy in the morning. My mother assists my brother as much as possible to quieten his temper and to speed him along ready for school. I regard this as a normal family going about their morning...or I did until I met Nathan's family. 
I have decided that whether or not teenagers play a part in the family is usually the deciding factor of the volume of the household. See when I was a teenager a few years ago I was rather the loud one in my family (hard to believe sometimes). Now this tradition (if I may call it that) has been passed onto my brother.
Nathan's family follow this I think, except everyone is just a bit louder than normal (normal being my family...it may not be normal to you but it is to me) and the teenager of the family (Nathan's sister) the loudest of all. You would think that by all this that I'm saying that I did not enjoy my time and I did not like Nathan's family...but in actually fact I loved every minute of it.
Families are so wonderful and should be celebrated because it is where you can be yourself and your family will still accept you for who you are...even if they give you a hard time; a favourite pass time of Nathan's family with regards to his sister. And families will always love you! So I look forward to one day being an official member of Nathan's family even though they already say I'm part of it already (even took part in their family photos). 
So look for your family's differences and celebrate them and thank God for each person in your family, because your family is part of who you are!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What makes Me me.

I was thinking yesterday: When someone thinks of me what do they think of? What stands out as something that is typically Maija?
I then went on a mind scavenger hunt to search out the things that I enjoy most that I like because I do not because someone close to me likes it and has influenced me. I came up with a sort of list but would love to hear from my followers who know me if they can add anything.

As for my musical tastes:

  • JessieJ
  • Jonas Brothers
  • Roma Waterman
  • Taylor Swift
  • The musical instrument the Cello
  • Ancient History
  • Ireland
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Pinterest
  • Classical clothing styles (fashions that never die)
  • Waterlillies
  • Tangled (the Rapunzel movie)
  • Hairclips that look like this: I'm talking about the backing style piece. Doesn't matter too much about what's on the other side. 
  • The number 7 and 49

Friday, July 29, 2011


I feel invisible. I feel like this kid from Cheaper by the Dozen -->
But even if I had red hair I would not be noticed.
I feel like singing 'Mr Cellophane,' but no one would hear me.
I feel like not talking and seeing how long it takes for someone to notice me and talk to me. But it could be days and I would just break down in tears. I don't want to cry and look broken.  This is how it is for me when I become depressed.
But worst of all I feel invisible to myself. I think I've lost myself. And that is what scares me the most. That is the real reason why I won't stop talking. So I don't forget that I have a voice. That is why I write on here. Because it makes me feel like someone is listening. Even if it just God. But you know what God's message was to me this morning when I read my devotional? It was to not be selfish.
Did I get mad? no.
Did I shut the book and ignore it? no.
I listened and decided that maybe.
just maybe I am being selfish.
Maybe I should really listen to what others have to say and care more about them.
But then again I once heard that if you don't take care of yourself first than how can you care for those around you? So I come to the point in my thoughts of confusion. I don't know what to do. I don't know any more. And now I'm scared that I don't know who I am. I feel lost and I want my Heavenly Father to come and wrap his arms around me and reassure me that everything is going to be ok.

And He does. I am calm and I'm reassured. It doesn't matter any more where I am. Because I am found in Christ. He is my identity. Broken but loved! I rejoice then through tears that someone loves me for everything that I am worth. I rejoice because someone cares for me when I'm broken. He picks me up like a child. And never lets me go. Unfortunately I am the one who lets Him go sometimes. But He accepts me again and forgives me every time I do this.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Thoughts on thoughts

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming and then you realise that you are just thinking about something? And then you think to yourself how amazing and awe-inspiring thoughts are? And then you start thinking about thoughts and then you realise that you are talking to someone and that someone is you...and then you decide that talking to yourself isn't so bad and certainly isn't a sign of craziness because the only person in the world who understands you better than anyone else is... yourself! So you continue to talk to yourself in your own silent world...and then someone rudely interrupts as if they didn't see that you were having a conversation with yourself and asks; "What are you thinking?" and then you foolishly smile to yourself and reply, "nothing." When in fact you were thinking about something but you aren't going to respond with "I was just talking to myself about my thoughts" because then of course that person is going to think you are crazy! See! There it is...that's why people think that talking to yourself is a sign of craziness...but honestly it isn't! How can it be? You were just talking about things with someone who understands you!  Who cares if that someone was you?
Honestly, I talk to myself quite regularly but if I didn't talk to myself and had these conversations with other people there would be quite a few absurd conversations going on...That's why I keep them to myself and act normal...hmmm perhaps I am crazy after all. Or just a tad crazy...but don't worry everyone...I'm perfectly harmless. Or am I?

Puzzles and Frozen (I wish) Yoghurt

Does the title puzzle you? lol well luckily I'm the sort who links the title into their post. The reason why I mentioned puzzles is because on Wednesday was Nathan and my first anniversary of being together as boyfriend and girlfriend! And as his present to me I recieved a puzzle. Along with Scrabble, Scattergories, Bananagrams and other intellectually challenging games I love puzzles. And if you wanted to buy me a puzzle you would have to know me real well or either read this post and dually note the kind of puzzles I like, because I'm picky when it comes to puzzles. This is part of the reason why Nathan took me to the store to buy the puzzle instead of choosing one out by himself. You see, I like puzzles that ensure that every piece of the puzzle will be different, so that means no large expanses of blue sky or sea or grass or any other monotonous picture. The puzzle that Nathan and I chose in the end is an Ancient map of the mythical lands; hence it's called Atlantis. I love this puzzle because each piece has a unique clue on it as to where it is to be placed. However, it also gives that bit of a challenge that I enjoy too. The next best thing is a puzzle depicting one of my favourite places (Italy, Greece or Ireland). But then again...I can also like anything that just pleases my eye...*sigh* I now understand why it is so difficult for Nathan to choose my gifts.
Now about the Frozen yoghurt...or at least I wish I had frozen yoghurt. Mum bought mini tubs of yoghurt (a rarity in our house) and we got two each. I love...no... I LOVE YOGHURT...even better if it is frozen! But because I'm so impatient I had to eat my tubs of yoghurt and not wait the extra hours of freezing for a better treat. So I'm disappointed in myself for being impatient and not waiting for my favourite treat. But at least I had yummy yoghurt eh? So the moral of this post is: If you don't know what to get me as a gift, especially if you can't decide on a puzzle that I will like just buy me frozen yoghurt!

Monday, July 18, 2011

The tale of Two cities...or six country towns...

Last week I got the opportunity to travel out west to visit some country towns, in order for 20 or so pre-service teachers to get a taste of what it is like to teach in such places.I had a great week except I came back sick. Because I don't know what to say really I'll just share the best of my photos from the week...which isn't many cause I kept forgetting to take photos. Although it looks like I didn't go to any schools...I did go to quite a few...I just chose not to share those photos. I think perhaps my favourite school was at Miles.
Where we stayed. They stole my wooly socks. :(

 While driving to somewhere we came across a house on the road...it took up the entire road so people coming in the opposite direction had to pull over and wait until it had passed.
 This is my favourite photo I took...can you believe I took it while on the bus and moving?
 Loved the little churches out west and also love the bottle trees...this combines both! This was at Wallumbilla.
Practised photography skills while out there...another of my favourites that I took.

AFLness part two

I got to go to my first AFL live game recently. I have chosen my team and the game was between my team (Goldcoast Suns) and my boyfriend's team (Sucky Sydney Swans)....however they weren't so sucky in the game...cough cough thewon. Bu altogether it was a fantastic experience and I can easily see myself becoming a huge fan! I even bought my first piece of paraphernalia...a Sun's scarf...mostly cause I was cold...but I also wanted one!
Me and Nathan at the football...you can tell who is the most interested in the game...it hadn't even started yet...the players were just running and exercising!
Apparently this is the moment when Gary Ablett (the suns) did his knee in the game.
This guy was probably the loudest and most obnoxious Swans supporter at the game...he got quite annoying.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Where women belong

So everyone's heard the many million of jokes involving women and how they belong in kitchens. Well I'm over them. I'm facing facts and the fact is that I'm proud to be a woman who enjoys being in the kitchen. Because in the kitchen I feel in control and I feel creative. Cooking is something I can do and I love to do. And if it's a way to show my love to my family, boyfriend and friends then I'm going to do it. So go ahead and make jokes I don't care...I'll most likely join in and laugh. The only thing I ask is if you are going to enjoy my cooking you had better help with the washing up afterwards. : P
What brought this topic up...yesterday I was talking to Nathan and I mentioned that I might go bake something cause I was bored and then I said 'Why does my boredom usually lead me to the kitchen?' So I went and baked a cake but this was no ordinary cake. It is what my siblings and I call a playdough cake...it's our own take on the traditional marble cake.

My mum won't go anywhere near these cakes...apparently they are too bright...which makes them inedible? I love them cause they look so funky and they taste yummy!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Roses are red, Violets are blue...and flowers have power.

So today's topic...FLOWERS! If you noticed the roses that were in that vase in one of the photos I posted two posts ago you would have noticed some beautiful white roses with pink stripes on them.
These roses revived my love for all flowers...lately all I've ever wanted is Water lillies
...they still are my favourite...but...uh let's just say they are a little difficult to get a hold on for a wedding bouquet. So when I saw these beautiful stems I fell in love with roses and in particular unique ones. I went researching and found there are a heap of different varieties of striped roses but I think my favourite (I think...I haven't been able to see all the varieties yet) is called Berries n' Cream. They are gorgeous! So other flowers I love are:
Freesias- make me happy and I love the scent of them.
Poppies - they look so simple but beautiful...I've never actually held a real one...I don't think, so I don't know about the scent of them.
Peonies - these just look all feminine and dainty...just what I love!  
Spathiphyllum or Hope Lily - This is my one and only houseplant that has survived...ever. I love it cause it is simple and beautiful in its long stalk and one petal. 
So those are a few of the many flowers that I love...perhaps the top 6. I think flowers can express many feelings and they are all beautiful. God created them for us humans to enjoy and I am going to enjoy them for the rest of my life!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

In light of...

so in light of my previous post I wanted to mention that I love photography and if I had time and money I would invest in a course to teach me how to take awesome and beautiful photos...but for now I'm just going to give it a go and teach myself. I think photography is the only way I can be truly artistic and also be successful.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Chalk and Cheese

So I've bought a new camera...I reckon it's pretty fancy...it has a screen on the front so you can take the perfect shot of yourself and your friends. It's a Samsung PL101...
and I've been going a bit crazy with it. The reason I thought I needed a camera was because 1. I'm old enough to buy one for myself and take care of it and 2. I'm going to be a teacher and my lecturers and tutors are always telling us we need one...also I'm going on a trip soon and neither my sister or my parents would allow me to borrow theirs. So equipped with my new camera I would like to share my past few days with you via pictures I took. My sister and I went shopping on Thursday (I bought PL101 (my camera...I'm determined to make it sound like I have a droid from Star Wars) on Wednesday) and here is my wonderful sister and I sporting her two new hats...aren't they adorable?

This week I spent three nights with my sister while she is house-sitting and I cooked a meal and made it all fancy-like. I loved the way the candle-light (from my new candle from dusk) played through the glass of my new vase (also from dusk...$3 bargain!).

Then on Friday we went down to a national park and had lunch near the waterfall. It was on this picnic of sorts that we decided that we were going to nickname each other from the old saying 'those two are like chalk and cheese'. She's cheese, I'm chalk...suits perfectly cause she LOVES cheese and I'm going to be a primary school teacher.

I got home today and I started feeling creative and creative towards my room. I have this small area of wall above a desk in my room (I have two desks, one for sewing and laptop and one for piling everything else on.) and I have a jewellery rack on it...I already had some things up but I started pulling down and adding to it. I kind of was making it everything that I liked. My sister walked in near the end and looked at it and I asked what she thought. She said it is very Maija. I asked what she meant and she said that what I had done was called a 'book', an artist's expression of themselves on a wall. So pretty much everything I had put up on the wall represented something meaningful to me. And it was true. So here is my masterpiece...I couldn't keep it all up there cause some of it belonged in other parts of my room and knowing me everything has a place and purpose. I think I could have kept adding but I didn't have enough blu-tac and room.

If you have any questions about what means what just post it in a comment and I'll answer. But for those who know me well enough you should be able to guess the meaning of the things. Peace out...this has been my past few days! God Bless! (PS something happened to a few of the photos with the bottoms of the shots...I think it's cause I flipped them the right way and it didn't do it properly...but you can see the important parts of the photos.)

Monday, May 30, 2011


I have a feeling I'm being brainwashed. I now have a AFL team that I'm barracking for. grr at Nathan. Well to my followers and readers I have become a fan of the Gold Coast Suns and am going to watch a game in July. They may not be the best team but they did start this year...and so have I...I mean I became interested in AFL this year. So I see that as good a reason as any to barrack for them.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

What's happening?????

This world once had a beautiful era of manners, etiquette and beautiful fashion. Children were brought up in a community where everyone knew everyone and teenagers respected their parents. Where teenagers went out to dances not clubs and they had book clubs and study groups. And they baked! Well this is at least what the movies say about the 1950s, I wish and hope it was so because I love everything about that time and wish I could time travel to back then. But now the real question...what's happening in today's world? WHY ARE THE TEENS SO...I DON'T KNOW! Just terrible? I have come across few teens who will speak the English language without the use of a few hundred 'like's. Like this happened and like I totes like think that like we should like I don't know like maybe like go to the like shops? ARGH! And then don't even get me started on computer games! What is the entertainment of sitting by yourself playing a game??? I would much rather play a board game or a card game with a few other people where we can laugh and talk and generally have a genuine great time! And then there is the fashion...who in the world is creating the clothes for these teenagers? I saw a girl yesterday who had a see-through top on and just a bra underneath...I mean come on! It's winter!!!! Put a few more layers on! No one wants to see your bra in public. They only place that I will see bra's (other than my own) is in the lady's department of a store and even then I creep through there embarrassed! Bra's are not meant to be seen by the public eye! 
*Sigh* I just hope I can bring my future children up to be well mannered and respectable and modest. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm back!

And so after several months of absence I return to my blog...I'm SORRY! I had apparently lost enthusiasm and  focus on it but I'm back and I'm going to keep going. However, I'm not going to continue with the challenges per week. I instead will just write about whatever I feel like.
so what's happening in my life lately?, you may ask. hmmm quite a few things. I'm almost finished with my first semester of my second year at university. It has been hectic and stressful but good. I'm keeping up my grades and perhaps even improving. yay! I'm still with Nathan and we have been working through things together. I love that when we have a problem that we don't scream and rant and rave. Instead we are mature and actually talk through our difficulties...like good adults should :P One thing though that I'm finding difficult is that I remember when I was still single that I read a passage somewhere in the bible about how when you are single it is good cause you are able to devote more time to God. And that when you are married (or in a relationship) you will find that your focus shift changes. Instead of just God you have to share you time with Him and your partner. I'm finding just how hard that can be. I don't want to lose my passion for God but I don't want to leave Nathan behind either. It's all about balance...something I don't handle very well. So I'm working on balancing time with God and Nathan and my friends and my family and myself and uni and work and...ahhhhhhhh! so much in my life...I hate it sometimes...I honestly do...but then this is what it's all about...learning to trust in God that everything is going to be alright and He has it sorted!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Challenge 5 and 6: Dollar verse

Challenge status: successful
Ok so I know it seems like I have been slack...and I guess I have been. But I finally got around to writing verses on something that is in a shop. I ended up writing 'John 3:16' or 'Psalm 34:18' on five, ten and twenty dollar notes in the cash register at work. The reason that I spanned this one over two weeks was: 1. I was slack and 2. I spent the first week finding the right verses to actually use. Cause you can't just write any random verse down for a stranger to read. It needed to have meaning to them personally and yet had to apply to everyone. That's why I finally chose the two above. and then this second week I spent trying to remember to bring the verses with me to work so I could actually do it. And now that I have done it I feel a bit accomplished to have spread God's word through a worldly means (money) Who knows who will read the verse reference and actually go look it up and read it. And furthermore who knows what might happen after that!
So now onto another challenge. I have decided that it will be romantically related as it is the week starting with Valentine's day. So I am going to sing a song publicly or not to my boyfriend. He is going to choose the song for me and will let me know tomorrow night which one it is...and then I have a few days to learn it so I can sing it.
Wish me luck!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Challenge 4: That's Awesome Chuck!

Yes as I mentioned in my previous post I am now on a marathon of sorts to watch a whole season of Chuck in a week. There are 13 episodes. So I'll watch one on Sunday and then two every other day of the week!

Episode 1.
This is the only episode of Chuck I have previously seen before starting this challenge. I enjoyed it immensely...again. For those who do not know what Chuck is about, let me elucidate here: Basically it is about a computer nerd having a whole heap of world/American government secrets uploaded into his mind. And when he sees something that triggers one of the secrets he blanks out and stares into space until the entire secret has run through his mind's eye. And as for the title to this challenge it is in reference to one of my favourite characters in the series. Captain Awesome. Called this due to him saying awesome to nearly everything. That's Awesome Chuck. You know what? That's Awesome. And that Souffle is Awesome...
Episode 3.
I found it highly amusing that it took them this long to actually get their opening credits going. Well they did have the credits showing in the first two episodes but they didn't specifically go and do an animation and show who the characters are with their actor's name beside the face.
Sorry I didn't have a running commentary on all the episodes but I'm not going to sum up why I like Chuck.
1. It doesn't involve a ginormic amount of swearing, sex or drugs.
2. It involves nerds and spies!
3. It is hilarious
4. As Captain says: IT'S AWESOME!
5. It's addictive.

In all I love the series. And I can't wait to watch the other two seasons I have. So yes this challenge was SUCCESSFUL!
Next up I'm going to be leaving Bible verses around a shop!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Challenge 3: Yes Man/Woman

Background info and rules: So I have found my next challenge through the same person who brought me my last one. This one I can do in a day. I have to say yes to everything for a day!
Rule 1: I can not tell anyone what day I am doing it
Rule 2: In the case that I have already told someone they can not abuse me with it and they can't tell me to do things. Rule one also applies to them then.
Rule 3: I have to go out. I can't stay at home.
Rule 4:  I have to say yes to any questions, ideas and challenges.
Rule 5: If I am unable to do something that is asked of me I say yes and then follow with 'perhaps another day' or 'not really'
Rule 6: Above all else I must say yes and cannot reply with a no to any question, idea or challenge.

Challenge Status: FAIL! :(
As you can see I got an 'F' for this challenge that is because being a female it appears that I can not focus on saying yes to EVERY question I get asked. Also it appears to be very difficult to go to work and serve customers and say yes to their questions about whether we have bagels/straws...or anything else we may have run out of or not have stock of and then have to tell them that I was only kidding. I don't think I would still have a joke. So I gave in and gave up. I did try again but as I said before females can't seem to focus on it long enough to last a day. Oh well. But I recommend that you at least try this sometime. Oh and I should mention that in regards to my second challenge I have continued to talk to people while I'm waiting at a train/bus or on the off chance I'm at a taxi stop. It's quite fun to do and sometimes just makes my day and perhaps someone else's too! I guess it's onto the next challenge which will be....drum roll! Watch a whole season of something and that something is going to be Chuck! So we will most likely see me making comments on each episode...that is if I get a chance to between episodes! :P  

Friday, January 7, 2011

Challenge 2: I talk at buses

well not really at buses. I talk to people at bus stops. That is my second challenge demanded of me by a friend overseas. Within the next week I have to go up to at least three people at a bus stop or any stop (one might be a taxi rink) and start up a conversation with them. So we will see how it goes. I actually think it might be easy. depending on what the person is like. So wish me luck and pray for me that God keeps me safe in these conversations and perhaps He may lead the conversation towards Him!

Day 1.
Challenge status: Successful!
So this morning I had started thinking that perhaps I wouldn't be up to talking to strangers and almost wanted to back out of this challenge cause I have shy tendencies...especially around unknown people on the street. So I went to work thinking I might not actually succeed in this challenge. However, when I knocked off work I started walking to my pick up stop and on the way there is a taxi zone and lo and behold there was a lady sitting there waiting for a taxi. Great opportunity I thought to do part of my challenge for this week. So as I walked past her I started a conversation with her. It went like this:
Me: Hello!
Her: Hi
Me: Where are you headed? OOH you have a cake!
(that last remark was ignored by her)
Her: Umm...the Beach
Me: Cool...Great weather for it (sarcasm)...have fun

And you want to know my thoughts on that conversation?  Well for one I thought it actually was easier than I thought. And secondly I think the victim of my first conversation for this challenge was quite surprised I was talking to her and when I asked where she was headed I think she thought I was about to offer a lift to her destination. Well sadly I don't have my licence to do so yet. But I think that I would have if I did. I mean offer a lift. Well that's one done two more to go. Hopefully this rain will let off for a bit so I can escape from this house that I am now flooded in in so I can complete this challenge. Otherwise I might postpone this till I'm able to actually complete it.

Day 7.
Challenge status: Failed.
So it turned out that I couldn't complete my challenge for this week due to a lot of rain and a lot to do during the week. I never got to be near a bus stop for the rest of the week. Well I did go to the Plaza on Friday but that was at night and I did not go near the bus stop area. So I am sorry for not having more stories to share. But I will make it my goal to unofficially to try to talk to people when I'm sitting at a bus stop cause it made me think how it is nice to be cordial and friendly to people who are waiting along with you. I mean...Who wants to sit and do nothing while waiting for a bus when there is a friendly person next to you who might just need some cheering up or someone to talk to!?
So onto the next challenge...which I haven't actually decided upon...but I will find one soon!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Challenge 1: Positively LAN

Day 1.
Challenge status: FAIL!
So all day I managed to be positive towards the LAN party that my boyfriend and my brother along with a heap of my guy friends are attending this week, until I walked into the room where the boys are set up...They asked me what I had been doing today and I said, " Working, unlike you guys!" and there you are I failed on the first day of my challenge. But no matter I will press on to redeem my pride of completing the challenge set before me to be positive towards the LAN party. Perhaps I should explain a bit about what it actually is. LAN (as far as I know) is a computer term for the network that is made out of connecting computers together so you are able to share things between computers easily. Off the top of my head I think LAN stands for Local A(something) Network. And yes I'm trying to impress you with my 'vast' knowledge of computers...cough cough. So what these wonderful boys do is connect as many computers as they need...plus a few more...and play all the computer games that they desire to play...and for as long as they want too. It actually impresses me that they can do such things...for I certainly could not! So I applaud them for their expertise in the technology of today's world.

Day 2.
Challenge status: Success!
I managed to get through a day without being negative towards it! However, I don't have any exciting stories to share about how hard it was...cause it actually was fairly easy. I was working (as I was yesterday) (I work at a Bakery by the way) and I had left over sandwiches so when my mum came to pick me up she suggested we take them over to the boys so they have some food to eat...I think she just wanted to check on my younger brother. This was good for me to see them mid-week of their LANning. And it concreted in my mind that they actually are very organised and civilised during the LAN. They stop to eat and have breaks and they aren't screaming all the time about whether they won or lost, which would cause them to lose their voices, which wouldn't be good at all. My parents decided that the LAN is actually a good thing as they would much rather their son (my brother) to be doing this than walking the streets doing drugs or something else. The last thing I can think of to say about it all today is that it is easy to be positive about something when you are promised that it will all be made up to you when it is all over...as my boyfriend did! :) So I'm happy to let him be so that he can get all the gaming out of his system for awhile and focus on me! :)

Day 3.
Challenge status: Success!
Again I kept my mind busy and off the fact that my boyfriend is away and whether it is good or bad. So really it was another easy day being positive about the LAN...I did not make one negative remark about LAN. In fact I called my boyfriend this afternoon to ask if he wanted to come and join me and my family at home tomorrow night for dinner as the LAN party finishes then and I realised that he would not have any food at his place...so I guess I am being considerate of how this week has been and I want to make sure he continues having a good time!

Day 4.
Challenge status: Success!
Considering this was the last day of the LAN it was pretty easy to be positive about it cause I knew it was almost over and I was going to see my boyfriend! So I was happy to be kind towards it all and let them finish in peace and did not disturb the boys! So there you are. I am able to be positive about something if I put my mind to it. Doesn't mean I agree with it all but it does make me think about my actual views and makes me open to accepting new ideas and opinions.

So my first challenge is done and done and I am looking for a new challenge to start on Sunday so if you have any ideas message me on facebook or comment below. Remember I have full rights to accept or deny a challenge. But please share ideas so I have something to pick from!