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Friday, November 18, 2011


So December is coming up in a few months and you know what that means? I’ll give you a hint: read the name of my blog. Yes! That’s right! My birthday is coming up! And it’s not just any birthday it’s my twenty-first! Now I don’t really know for sure why this age is extra special and twenty isn’t. Well in my opinion every birthday is a reason to celebrate but if you wanted to go to the newsagent and get a twentieth birthday card…GOOD LUCK! Although finding the perfect twenty-first birthday card can be just as difficult because they are the ones card companies make and people rather have a party for that age and invite lots of people who in turn are the ones who buy the cards making it difficult to find them! I’m going to propose an idea on my birthday (after I have had my parties) that people start celebrating the age of twenty more so that more twentieth birthday cards are made! I mean why not?! Twenty is a great age to celebrate…I mean it’s the second time you get to celebrate a birthday that includes a 0! Maybe we celebrate a 21st because we celebrated our 1st birthday and not our actual birth day. I guess it is a bit hard to know exactly what day you are going to come out of your mum…unless you had a planned C-section. Anyways I’m getting off track...the reason I wanted to write this post was because MY birthday is coming up and I wanted to write out some ideas of what I will put on my present wish list. I mean *cough cough* that’s not what it’s about I know but it’s a tradition of mine…to help people (mainly my family) know what I want for my birthday and Christmas (which reminds me while I’m writing this I’m listening to a Frank Sinatra Christmas CD). I just like to make a list so that people don’t feel disappointed when they see a disappointed look on my face, although I would try and hide it as much as possible we all know it’s a bit hard to hide. I don’t think I have ever mentioned what date my birthday actually is…well just so you know it’s the 23rd…yes so close to Christmas I know…I LOVE IT! (Check out last year’s post on my birthday). ‘So ideas for presents?’ I can imagine you are thinking right now (or at least those who are expected to get me a present are thinking…you know who you are :P ) Hmmm so a list….now this list isn’t the final and exclusive list…meaning I may add to this up until my birthday. Also note it’s made for Birthday and Christmas presents. So here is a list of things that I would think would be perfect:
  • A CD of Adele’s music, must have ‘Someone like you’ and ‘In the deep’...or any CDs of the artists mentioned in my post called What makes Me me.
  • JAG TV series seasons 5 and up
  • ‘Love Actually’ DVD
  • Gift Cards to the following stores: Rockmans, Koorong, Jay Jays, Katies, Millers, QBD, kikki K. or Myers
  • Puzzles - prefer landscapes with lots of different things in them. So no large expanses of one colour or sky!
  • Laminating machine and laminating pockets
  • iPod

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our Song

WOAH! I know two posts in a night?! What am I thinking?! :P Don't get all annoyed at me for hogging something or other...just deal with it cause I'm going to write another post.
So as I mentioned in my last post I was at Nathan's family's place on the weekend and I had the pleasure to discover through Nathan's sister what their parent's 'song' is.
You know how couples look for that perfect song that describes their relationship? Or makes them happy when they hear it cause it holds a beautiful memory?
They have a really lovely song. A song that I like. It's called 'Lucky'. It's a really nice song. However, even though I would love it as Nathan's and my song I can't steal it and besides we already have a song. Our song is called 'Such Great Heights'. I prefer the Ben Folds version.
I was wondering if anyone else could share if they have a song that they share with a special someone. Could be one that is shared between a child and parent or brother and sister even.

Family Differences

I dedicate this post to Nathan's wonderful family.
We all know how families annoy each other. Especially siblings and how they love their rivalry. Now in my family, we have rivalry but it turns out not as much as my boyfriend's siblings (with him right in the middle of it!). 
I went to visit Nathan's family over the weekend, this being the second time I have visited them. It's been so few visits due to an expensive train ride that separates us, thank goodness! No I'm only kidding. I love Nathan's family as much as I love my own. They are loud and fun. My family...I thought we were loud but it turns out our volume is on the quiet end of the stereo. While my family go about our daily preparations (the morning rituals) my dad is outside on the farm feeding the animals, my sister is often found sleeping in and I go quietly about getting ready, whilst my younger sister follows suit in regards to the quietness and speed. My brother on the other hand loves to make a racket by slamming the door and throwing the dog bowls (he feeds the dogs) to the ground. He also is grumpy in the morning. My mother assists my brother as much as possible to quieten his temper and to speed him along ready for school. I regard this as a normal family going about their morning...or I did until I met Nathan's family. 
I have decided that whether or not teenagers play a part in the family is usually the deciding factor of the volume of the household. See when I was a teenager a few years ago I was rather the loud one in my family (hard to believe sometimes). Now this tradition (if I may call it that) has been passed onto my brother.
Nathan's family follow this I think, except everyone is just a bit louder than normal (normal being my family...it may not be normal to you but it is to me) and the teenager of the family (Nathan's sister) the loudest of all. You would think that by all this that I'm saying that I did not enjoy my time and I did not like Nathan's family...but in actually fact I loved every minute of it.
Families are so wonderful and should be celebrated because it is where you can be yourself and your family will still accept you for who you are...even if they give you a hard time; a favourite pass time of Nathan's family with regards to his sister. And families will always love you! So I look forward to one day being an official member of Nathan's family even though they already say I'm part of it already (even took part in their family photos). 
So look for your family's differences and celebrate them and thank God for each person in your family, because your family is part of who you are!