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Friday, February 11, 2011

Challenge 5 and 6: Dollar verse

Challenge status: successful
Ok so I know it seems like I have been slack...and I guess I have been. But I finally got around to writing verses on something that is in a shop. I ended up writing 'John 3:16' or 'Psalm 34:18' on five, ten and twenty dollar notes in the cash register at work. The reason that I spanned this one over two weeks was: 1. I was slack and 2. I spent the first week finding the right verses to actually use. Cause you can't just write any random verse down for a stranger to read. It needed to have meaning to them personally and yet had to apply to everyone. That's why I finally chose the two above. and then this second week I spent trying to remember to bring the verses with me to work so I could actually do it. And now that I have done it I feel a bit accomplished to have spread God's word through a worldly means (money) Who knows who will read the verse reference and actually go look it up and read it. And furthermore who knows what might happen after that!
So now onto another challenge. I have decided that it will be romantically related as it is the week starting with Valentine's day. So I am going to sing a song publicly or not to my boyfriend. He is going to choose the song for me and will let me know tomorrow night which one it is...and then I have a few days to learn it so I can sing it.
Wish me luck!