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Friday, June 29, 2012

Back to Basics

Is it just me or is the term 'back to basics' popping up everywhere this year? I keep hearing it and not just because it was the title theme of the camp I have been on this week.
This week I was a leader on a Christian Youth Camp called Christian Life Week (CLW for short). This is the third one I have been on in the past four years.
It was great apart from the rain for the first 5 days! It finally stopped and the sun returned this morning and we were able to go to the beach.
But despite the rain we managed to have a fabulous week with meeting new people and reuniting with old familiar faces!
There was one particular new face with a vaguely familiar name that was intriguing this week. It turned out to be an ex-boyfriend of my boyfriend's sister (my 'sister') :) . I had never met him but I had heard of him. And it was great to meet him this week and to get to know him. He is a amazing guy, so I question why my 'sister' dumped him last year. But this isn't what my post is about...well it kind of is...I want to think and talk about teenage relationships.
Why do teens think that a romantic relationship is good when they are still growing up?
I hear about girls wanting a relationship...but what I hear is they want a boyfriend, an item, an accessory, as status symbol. They don't want a relationship! They want to have someone to make them look good. 
Ok to be fair not all girls are this shallow...and I know that my 'sister' is not truly like that. 
Girls need to realise that boys do want a relationship to last, majority of the guys out there are not looking for a short term relationship! 
The more relationships a girl has (or a guy) they are more likely to not last in a marriage relationship. (I don't have research to back that up but I think it's fairly evident and true in today's society without needing to go research it.) This is a sad, disappointing truth and my message to teenage girls or any female is to make sure that you either try your hardest to make a relationship work or don't start one without thinking about the future together. :)
I chose not to date when I was in school and I didn't have a boyfriend until I was 19 1/2. I believe this helped me to think about the future before I dated and also when I entered the relationship we discussed the future together. So we are set to have a very long relationship, which we are both very happy about. :)
So that's my little rant. Thanks for reading/listening.