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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Oh He looks like a Fun guy!

So today I was helping out my parents in the garden and I came across these fungi:

Doesn't it look gross?! 

My first thought of what it looked like was that it made me think of Spiderman...don't know why I thought that.
 Or the nose of a mole.
And so because 1) I was curious to know what it was and 2) I like to learn new things and 3) I wanted to know if it was poisonous to the touch cause I touched one I went and researched what it was.

It turned out to be an Aseroe Rubra or it's common name is a Starfish Fungi. That's some scary starfish! Apparently they smell of rotting meat and live with Native plants. It isn't really poisonous either...although it may be to eat it.
And to get rid of them you have to pull them out of the ground when they are still an egg.
So that's what I learnt today.
Also other interesting things that happened today were my defriending spree on facebook and me stealing potato chips from my brother.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

When Life hands you lemons...

So I did. 
Today I made Traditional Lemonade. 
<--- See

Well actually I made the syrup that you use to make Traditional Lemonade. 
It is sweet and delicious...even in Winter. 

As for this saying of :


I think it is funny. I'm blonde and whatever so I find simple humour very funny. 
Lemons are usually sour but you can change that by making sweet lemonade! 
Also my family always gets free lemons cause the first tree we ever planted on our farm was a lemon tree. It is a fabulous tree as it usually has fruit on it all year round so that means my family gets Lemonade all year round! And they are free:
I like Lemonade because it is sweet, fresh and clean tasting. Also it is a very old kind of drink that was very popular in my favourite era (1800s and 1900s). So I kind of daydream when I make it and drink it.
Homemade lemonade is the best! If you want it fizzy then just add soda water!