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Monday, October 25, 2010

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells...

Christmas is in the air and on my music player! Yep that's right it's that time of the year again when you pull out those Christmas CD's and start listening to them. Well ok I only just listened to one song this morning on my computer music player (White Christmas).
Anyways, when I think about Christmas it is always closely linked to one of my favourite things in the world... MUSIC! I love singing the Christmas Carols cause they are so different to any other type of music. Perhaps cause it is for celebrating a special season for a special reason. I don't know. But I have always loved the Christmas Carols! My favourite carol is Oh Holy Night because it is so beautiful. But really I love all of them.
Music is a wonderful way to express yourself, carols express many different feelings; from loneliness to joyfulness. But I ask you: how often have you found yourself singing a carol and realising that you actually haven't thought about what you are singing. I do this often and it is then when I stop to think and really listen to the poetic and romantic lyrics that I see how wonderful Christmas carols are and how they are the special way we can express our thanksgiving to God for sending His one and only Son to this earth to save us from our sins!
So this Christmas I ask you to simply stop and listen to the carols you sing and remember what it is you are celebrating!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jack Frost nipping at your nose...

ok so that was the closest I could find to reference to the smell of Christmas in a carol...lol a reference about noses!
Well I suppose you are all kind of thinking I'm weird to be talking about the smell of Christmas...but seriously think about it! Our sense of smell is one of our primary senses and I think you all have a memory scent or two that link to Christmas. Such as the smell of Summer on the way (there is no other way for me to explain this sorry) and Jacaranda trees blooming (I love this smell, cause it also tells me school is nearly finished!) tell me that Christmas is coming...and this comes in October! That is why I am always getting excited about Christmas so early on in the year.
There are other smells just as important that link my thoughts to what Christmas is about and like. Such as the smell of Christmas wrapping paper...and not just any wrapping paper...it's that old style stuff not the new stuff! Then there is the smell of baking and cooking where you cook those good old family favourite recipes that you have used each year when preparing for Christmas!
I love it when one of these scents surprises me and instantly I think about Christmas and smile!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'm dreaming of a...hmm

...well that doesn't work... I realised that in Australia we don't particularly have a white Christmases...so I don't know what to call it...but yeah I suppose I could still dream of a White Christmas...it's just that I won't get it. So I suppose you are wondering why I'm even thinking about Christmas at this time of the year...well my dear readers I would like to inform you of one fact that you may or may not have picked up already...I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!
I have decided that starting from next week there are ten weeks until Christmas (including the week of) so I will be writing one post a week. Each post will describe and explain one of the ten reasons I love Christmas. Therefore the following list ensues:
Reasons I love Christmas:
1. Celebrating the birthday of my Saviour
2. The family times
3. The presents
4. The meals
5.  The decorations
6. The novelty of it all
7. The cooking and baking
8. The memories
9.The music
10. The smell

Ok so that list is in order of: 1. importance and 2. what I start with when I think and prepare and celebrate Christmas...so I will start from number ten as the list is fairly much in order (starting with ten). But firstly I will give a little background info on how my family's Christmases tend to run.
December 23rd - My birthday and baking and cooking prep day
December 24th -
Morning - more cooking and prep
Evening - my immediate family's dinner and opening of presents evening
December 25th - Christmas morning church service and then go to my dad's side of the family (we follow the alphabet and pick a country that starts with that year's letter and eat food that that country would eat at Christmas time)
December 26th - My mum's side of the family bring left overs from our Christmases and have a picnic somewhere...it's very relaxing.

That's fairly much how my Christmases go but every year is different and full of memories. So next week I will be posting about the smell of Christmas.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Crunch Time...

So as I'm in my last week of my education uni courses I have two huge assignments due on Friday and I've only barely started them. hmmm time to stop singing those songs and dancing about and to really do some serious work.
yeah ok I'll have a break for the moment so I can let my wonderful (but few) followers in on what my thoughts have been lately. Well for some reason a lot of different songs have been going through my mind. You know how you get those songs stuck in your head. Well I heard once that the songs that come to you out of the blue and get stuck in your head are sub-conscious messages to you through the lyrics. So let's have a look at the songs I've been having to see what I'm trying to tell myself. 
This afternoon I had Big Spender on my mind...now this one I'm stumped on but the others I think I get the idea as to what they are saying. Like I had l-o-v-e by Nat King Cole in my head on the way home...and I generally assumed that that song was in reference to me being in love and thinking about tomorrow (being Nathan and my three month anniversary). I have also had other songs that generally come from musicals...and these I assume are meaning that I love musicals! 
But on a more serious note..on the weekend I had Go and Sin No More by Rebecca St. James in my head which is not unusual when I'm in the state of mind that I was in on the weekend. The bridge/chorus is the main part that I love to sing to myself as it says:
 I've sinned come on my knees how could You die for me
You search my heart know my thoughts
See me inside and out and all throughout me
You alone can forgive me
You always pick me up like a child in Your arms
I could stay with You forever here
This song speaks to me comfort and it has done this every time that I have felt down because the line that says 'You always pick me up like a child in Your arms' just says to me that everything is alright because God is there for me and can pick me up again. 
And now I find myself hoping and praying that God will come to my side and cheer me on to continue and complete my assignments because it will lead me one step closer to what He wants in my life.