I'm Maija and I was born in December!
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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Last Time I Tried Something New

Actually I am currently in the process of trying something new.
I love cooking and baking. I have been cooking steadily since 2002 when I was in Year 7. But even before that I was inspired by my cake-maker and decorator Nana. She would always have something that she has made in her kitchen.
However, the cake decorating equipment were all passed to my older sister when my Nana passed away in 2006. Also my Nana had spent time with my older sister teaching her the skills, hence why my sister inherited the equipment.

So fast forward to this month....
A best friend of mine has her 26th birthday garden party coming up next weekend. I was casually asking her about her plans and if there was any way I could help her out. I asked if she had organised a cake yet. She had not. So I volunteered!
I decided I would try something new and see how I go decorating a cake with fondant and everything! I have never attempted this before!
I even did research at the library!
The cake is made but decorating will happen on Saturday (the day before).

I'll update you all on how it turns out! Looking forward to seeing the end product!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Best Quality

My best quality I think is my loving nature. I have a positive outlook on life so I always try to find the best in the people around me. Which often leads me to show my loving quality towards them. I treat them how I would want them to think the best of me and treat me the same.
A few ways I have developed my positive loving attitude are:

  • Think of three positives before I go to sleep.
  • Memorise bible verses about treating others the same way (this then reminds me when I am with others).
  • Look for opportunities to help others. 
  • Enjoy the time with others and truly listen (Still developing this).
  • Surrounded myself first with likeminded people who also show love towards others.

I feel this quality also helps when team working in a work environment as it puts others before yourself and have the ultimate goal of keeping peace. 

Monday, October 10, 2016

There's No Place Like Home

I've been avidly watching the Block on Channel nine. I love the idea of starting completely fresh and designing a room. Despite the fact, that I don't think I have much talent for it. But I guess this is the idea of the reality TV show...that the contestants get to practise.

The place I currently call home is my second home away from home. That is to say, it is the second house I have lived in with my husband since leaving my family to get married. I prefer this house because, although it really is a duplex it feels like a whole house with three bedrooms, a bathroom and ensuite and a large living area. It also has a double garage. It is located a sweet 300 metre walk from my workplace and fairly close to the local shops but not close enough to walk. It is on the corner of a dead end street so this lessens how much traffic we get. IDEAL!

Nevertheless, we still have some nuisances around the property. One is small but it bugs me. In our ensuite it has the toilet roll holder on the bottom of the window sill which is located a whole 10 centimetres off the floor! So low! Another thing that is a nuisance is the whiteness of everything. White tiles, white walls and white cupboards. I rather like timber through a house. I am realising now what my dream house will one day look like. Lastly, I dislike how far away our place is from my family. We have to drive 45 minutes to go see my family! I love my family and would love to spend more time catching up, very much unlike my husband! But I have resigned myself to the fact that I need to be content with the weekend visits and holiday times. After all, when a woman and man marry they should leave their families and begin their own.

I am glad that I have the wonderful opportunity to develop my own household routine and style but it's in the toughest of times that I find that I sometimes need more than just my husband to comfort me.

The saying, "Home is where the heart is," is definitely true for me though! I love my husband and know that wherever he is I will find my shelter and home.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

My Last Bad Day

I wish it was my last bad day that I would ever experience but one of the facts of life is that we all have good days and bad days.
I'm trying to decide what constitutes a bad day though. I have had bad moments today and throughout the past week as well as a bad mood in the last week.

Urban Dictionary defines a 'bad day' as "The day you wake up hit your head on numerous objects, trip on several steps, and coincidentally spill mustard on your white (insert type of clothing here). Usually formulates around Mondays and/or any days of a menstrual cycle (this includes males)"

Yep. That would have to be quite accurate I would say!

Well going by that definition I would say my last bad day was on Sunday previously. I was to travel with my husband's parents, sister and our nephew to Coffs Harbour. Which takes about 5 hours by car; 6 with a baby. I was feeling sick, tired and stressed. Sick - hay fever. Tired - poor sleep the night before. Stressed - I had fallen over the Thursday before and had hurt myself. This meant I was a day behind in my unit planning for term 4. I was also stressed about the two days I would be spending with my husband's family without him and having to be in close proximity with a 9 month old baby when I am still dealing with my emotions from earlier in the year!

SO yes quite a bad start to the day. I thankfully did not spill anything on my clothing but sitting in a crowded car for 5 hours with a baby seat squishing me was not my idea of fun! I also had the red tide come to visit that day too.

And because this happened on a Sunday I could just see my Monday being just a bleak.

Thankfully I survived and returned to my loving husband who completely understood and let me sleep peacefully through Tuesday!