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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How do you do?

Appropriate title, seeing as I'm listening to a song by the same title done by Shakira. Also I should ask everyone, how do you do, seeing as it is the first week back to uni! ...yay! lots of enthusiasm...or not.
So to my few followers you may be wondering how I 'do' since I have not been posting here of late. Well in answer to the no posting question, this is due to me not having much to talk about...it appears my ideas of thought come majorly from uni sources. Hence, me being back at  uni has inspired my writing juices. yay!
Well since I last posted I have gone for two driving tests...which I failed and I am due for a third in a couple of weeks. I'm a nervous wreck under test situations in a car it appears! But all things considered I truly believe I will ....let's say do better...I can't be absolute sure I'm going to pass but I will definitely do better!
My first day was yesterday and as for attention I was as focused as an F-14 pilot attempting to refuel mid-air. Today is my second day back at uni and both have included rain...yesterday a terrific, tremendous, thunderstorm display of God's amazing power! and today God appears to be showing His gentle side. Amazingly I love both!
Anyway, today I am yet to see any signs of intelligence coming from my lecturers...I've only had one lecture though so there is still hope!
And after I finish this post I hope to expand my knowledge through reading my many assigned readings...sigh...I can only hope these are in plain English! Not drabble.
Well to all my fellow uni students I wish you all the best in your studies!
Till next time!