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Monday, September 26, 2016

Biggest Change in the past year

My biggest change this year has been mentally. I have learnt so much this year about what it means to be an adult. I have taken a more serious approach to keeping house because I have realised after my ectopic pregnancy that I wasn't ready to have a child. It had opened my eyes to the serious responsibility of having children and how big of a change it is to your life. I am looking forward to the day when I do have children because I will be able to say, "Welcome child, I have prepared a place for you in my home. We are ready to have you here." I truly don't know what would have happened this year if my pregnancy had been successful. It would have definitely brought huge changes to my life and my family. I would probably still have realised that my house wasn't 'baby-ready' and done something about it but it would have been way more stressful and difficult. 
In a way I am glad to have the chance to make the changes now and not be stressed out about not being ready. I know my routine that is in place now will have to change several times once I have children. Knowing that I have a working routine now is the good foundation for a solid routine when I have children. 

Currently my sister-in-law and her son (my gorgeous nephew) are staying at our place, along with my parents-in-law. I have seen things! haha There is so much to do when you have a child and although it looks challenging I still want to do it! I truly want to have children because they are such a gift. 
I will accept God's gifts in whichever form they come. If He chooses that we have no biological children that will be my life purpose, but I know He has great things in store for me. 

Saturday, September 10, 2016

The one dream I just can't shake


I have always wanted my very own puppy. I love animals and in particular dogs. At present we are in a rental that allows us to have pets. To have a dog however, we must keep it outside at all times. Our yard is quite small and the fence not very high. This limits the kind of dog we have. We therefore, decided to wait until we own a house ourselves.
My pet parakeet was put down this week due to illness. It has left me feeling like I may not be a good pet owner, as well as lonely. I loved Pidgey, he would whistle to me, eat dinner at the same time as us, and I managed to settle him as he wasn't hand raised. I would love a dog but a bird is my next best option at the moment. I can't have a cat as I'm allergic. Birds are sweet to have too! I love dogs as it means they cuddle and play with you. Birds can only do this to an extent. A pet brings comfort and joy into your house that sometimes people can't do. They are God's blessings on earth.
I have spent this morning looking on pinterest at different dog breeds and saving pins of breeds that I would love to own. I chose very few large breeds as I find them hard to control when walking. I would like a dog that can sit comfortable on my lap or next to me. I don't want one that can jump up and eat something off the bench.
I found my favourite breeds at the moment are the Irish Terrier, Corgi and Schnauzer.
Have a look at the pins I saved on my board, I want a Puppy!

Let me know in the comments below of your favourite animal/pet or dog breed!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

What I like about me

I like that I am usually a positive minded person and I am humble enough to be willing to change. I self -reflect and always try to improve myself. I don't want to become stuck in my ways and not willing to change. Everyone makes mistakes and need to realise they aren't perfect. Despite knowing I will never be perfect I wish to still improve. It gives me purpose and drive in life. God has given this attitude to me. It's a strange thing to like about myself because it's liking the fact that I'm not perfect and that I want to improve.

Physically, I like my hair and earlobes. I used to like my feet but this year I haven't had a good year with them as I was allergic to a pair of shoes and then had athlete's foot. But I love my small feet and the shape of my toes. Usually my skin is smooth to touch and very few blemishes which I like and feel lucky to have. Again however, my skin is not very nice, it's dry, pimply, and bumpy. I hope that my body returns to normal again soon. I have gone through huge health battles this year and my body is still adjusting.

I try not to be vain about my looks but I feel there is a place to be particular about them as it is the first thing people see of you. This to me, means that a good outward appearance helps others to accept you. Not putting in effort to look the best you can, sends the message that you don't care about yourself and makes people then not care about you.

Try not to let your appearance take over your life though. I wrote intentionally about myself internally first because I truly believe that who you are is more important than what you look like.