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Friday, March 3, 2017

Season of life

'Season of life'...what does that mean? Is it a month? A year? A decade?
I'm going to go with my mid 20's...so what are some of the things I love about being in my mid 20's?
Well here's a list:

- Not having kids yet: yes I would like to have children but I am realising just how precious this time is before having children. It means I get to know my husband very intimately and we have the freedom to do whatever we want without the responsibility of taking care of children.

- smooth skin: I know it is a very worldly thing to think about this kind of thing but I truly love having smooth skin and I know one day it will gain 'wisdom wrinkles'. I know I will love my wrinkles too as they will be a part of me but for now I will enjoy having the smoothness of skin!

- Nail art: another worldly thing but I do love doing my nails weekly and it cheers me up so much throughout the week to see this little bit of beauty and effort I made when I choose not to use makeup daily.

- Cooking various things: I love learning new recipes and in this season of my life I have cooked and baked more than when I was a teen and love how much I have learnt!

- Learning about myself: I learnt so much about myself when I was teen because I tried 'finding who I was' and I did. But everyone does change and I know I have since being in school. I am learning so much about myself while I teach little ones. I have realised I have some degree of autism and am reflecting and learning about how I managed to cope without the support I would have received if I had been diagnosed as a child.

- Book club! I love the fact that I am in a book club. I know this may not last forever but right now I am loving it! We have stuck together for over a year now! I can't wait to see how long it goes for!

Well that's all I can think of for now..what do you love about your season of life? Tell me in the comments!

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