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Monday, January 2, 2017

5 Big Goals for my Life

Goals are good. They help us move forward and to be productive. They help build character (because you are doing something). However, to be most helpful goals needs to be achievable.

My 5 big goals in my life at the moment are:

1. Walk faithfully in God's family.
 I want to always be learning and growing spiritually with God. He is  the most High and deserves number 1 of my goals. I love following Christ and the blessings I receive from Him are boundless. Which means I will forever be sending praise and giving all for Him.

2. Be faithful to Nathan.
I love my husband so much. He often thinks he doesn't deserve the love I give. But that is what unconditional and never ending love is. True love is loving someone even with their faults and failings. I know I have faults and failings and he loves me no matter what too! So this means I want to make sure I keep faithful to Nathan until I die.

3. Become the best teacher I can be.
I love my job. I am only three years into teaching but I love every part of it and want to become better  at it as each year goes by. I look forward to passing on my pearls of wisdom to future teachers and to help each child in my care grow in all ways.

4. Have a home that is full of love.
I want to create a home with an atmosphere that vibrates love in every aspect. Whether it is from the garden I grow to the family members we have. I look around at my current home and see the progress I am making. It still has a long way to go...I can several piles of clutter in places  where there shouldn't be any...Each year of being married I have learnt a lot about house keeping and being a dutiful wife but I know just as with my teaching I have a long way to go to emulate the women I grew up seeing with wonderful loving homes!

5. Be as healthy as God blesses me to be
I want to become healthy in both diet and weight. I have asthma which prevents me from being truly 100% healthy but I won't let that stop me from being in the 90% healthy range! I want to lose the excess weight I am carrying around and I want to  eat healthy...that means I will have to limit my chocolate and sugar intake I know but I want this so much because it means a longer life and a hope for a family.

So tell me what are your 5 big goals for your life?

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